19 August 2018

Noel Coward's PRIVATE LIVES is Hilarious!

Camarillo Skyway Playhouse's version of Noel Coward's Private Lives is belly-aching delicious. Directed by two of Camarillo Skyway Playhouse's favorites, Mark Heulitt and Dean Johnson, the comedy makes a fabulous use of the space and local talent. The comedy stars CSP favorite, Genevieve Levin (Much Ado About NothingSylvia, Little Women the Musical), as Amanda, the one time married wife of Elyot (Alan Waserman) [who is now honeymooning with Sibyl (Lauren Zika)] and now on her honeymoon with second husband Victor (Bill Sweeney). Rounding out the cast is a hilarious Theresa Secor (Much Ado About Nothing) as French maid Louise who was an audience favorite.

The famous comedy is one of the most sophisticated, entertaining plays ever written. Elyot and Amanda, once married and now honeymooning with new spouses at the same hotel, meet by chance, reignite the old spark and impulsively elope. After days of being reunited, they again find their fiery romance alternating between passions of love and anger. Their aggrieved spouses appear and a roundelay of affiliations ensues as the women first stick together, then apart, and new partnerships are formed.

Ms. Levin whom I found to be a stellar and consummate actor in Little Women the Musical was on fire during the opening night performance. Her feisty and feminist Amanda was quite as I imagine her Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing must have been. And yet at times you saw her layers being peeled back and the hopes and insecurities of a woman in love. And it certainly was a bonus that she has such fabulous and realistic chemistry with her co-star Waserman. In fact their chemistry only grew from the first act on the connecting honeymoon balconies to the third act when they exchanged some of the cutest moments in the background as their soon to be ex spouses (Sweeney and Zika) quarreled and demonstrated a parallel spark and fierce chemistry as the lights went down.

It is with fingers crossed that we'll see more of Levin, Waserman, Sweeney, Zika and Secor at Camarillo Skyway Playhouse. They are all fabulous actors who brought their A-game to the stage. Voices were projected loud and clear with excellent enunciation and they made fabulous use of the stage and space. And the show flew by so fast that members of the audience weren't even positive it was intermission time after Act I.
Genevieve Levin and Alan Waserman. (C) Camarillo Skyway Playhouse.
This wonderfully entertaining production runs Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00pm and Sundays at 2:00pm to September 16th. The Camarillo Skyway Playhouse is located at 330 Skyway Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010. You can reserve tickets at (805) 388-5716 or at www.skywayplayhouse.org.

Location: Camarillo Skyway Playhouse, 330 Skyway Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010
ParkingFree well-lit lot next to the theatre
Seating: General admission.
Ages: 13+ for adult content including marital strife/violence and drinking
Accessible: The theatre is entirely accessible with ramps in and out of the parking lot. The front row offers excellent leg room to stretch out if needed.

16 August 2018

Conejo Players 2019: SO Exciting!!!

I am so excited to share with y'all the 2019 season for Conejo Players Theatre in Thousand Oaks, California. It looks splendid!!
The season includes the following plays: To Kill a Mockingbird, Don't Dress for Dinner, Proof (that I had the pleasure of reviewing at the La Mirada Performing Arts during my college days), Much Ado About Murder and Miracle on 34th Street.
The musicals seem to be more adult friendly vs family friendly this year featuring: Sweeney Todd (rated R), Avenue Q (rated R), Sweet Charity (PG-13) and Pippin. Their family friend show of the year will be High School Musical.
And their 2019 JR production will be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr. (the musical that Michael Ball starred in on the London stage).

And don't forget the rest of their 2018 season:

IS HE DEAD? (14 September - 6 October)
Jean-Francois Millet, a young painter of genius, is in love with Marie Leroux but in debt to a villainous picture-dealer, Bastien Andre. Andre forecloses on Millet, threatening debtor's prison unless Marie marries him. Millet realizes that the only way he can pay his debts and keep Marie from marrying Andre is to die, as it is only dead painters who achieve fame and fortune. Millet fakes his death and prospers, all while passing himself off as his own sister, the Widow Tillou. Now a rich "widow," he must find a way to get out of a dress, return to life, and marry Marie. ~ RATED PG
The cast features favorite Ezra Eells as Hans Von Bismarck (Dutchy).


The exceptional tale of Milo, Tock and a certain magic tollbooth is brought splendidly to life on stage in THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH JR. Adapted from Norton Juster's beloved, award-winning children's book, this inventive musical features a melodious score by Arnold Black and witty lyrics full of wordplay by Pulitzer Prize and three-time-Tony-winner, Sheldon Harnick. RATED G
GUYS AND DOLLS (16 November - 16 December)
Set in Damon Runyon's mythical New York City, GUYS AND DOLLS is an oddball romantic comedy. Gambler, Nathan Detroit, tries to find the cash to set up the biggest craps game in town while the authorities breathe down his neck; meanwhile, his girlfriend and nightclub performer, Adelaide, laments that they've been engaged for fourteen years. Nathan turns to fellow gambler, Sky Masterson, for the dough, and Sky ends up chasing the straight-laced missionary, Sarah Brown, as a result. GUYS AND DOLLS takes us from the heart of Times Square to the cafes of Havana, Cuba, and even into the sewers of New York City, but eventually everyone ends up right where they belong. ~ RATED PG
Auditions are THIS weekend 20-22 August.
See you in the audience! x

Amazon Prime: Promotional Accounts!

Who doesn't love Amazon Prime? I know I do! And boy was I grateful to be able to get the discounted Prime program for $5.99/month (almost 1/2 off the normal price) this month. Since I had never heard of such a great option for the past 3 years I have had Medicaid, I figured I would share the other options you too might be able to enjoy!

1. EBT and Medicaid cardholders get a discount on Amazon Prime
** updated comments 8/19: forgive me for ever recommending this discount. yes it's a great savings BUT only applies to 1 person in a household so what if you have another member who wants to share your prime shipping. not a chance. and if you ask for customer service help online you'll be transferred to 4 different reps before the 4th rudely says "Even if I connect you to [my supervisor], he will inform you the same" and stays silent as you say goodbye and explain (rant) your disappointment. So disappointing and rude and horrible!! After all the $$ and years I have been a regular Prime member. Horrid!!!**

As an Amazon Prime member, you receive a free 30-day trial that includes Free Two-Day Shipping on over 100 million items, exclusive shopping deals, and discounts on diapers and baby food. After your trial ends, customers who verify with a valid EBT or Medicaid card receive access to all Prime benefits, discounted to just $5.99 per month. NOTE: NO Sharing of household benefits such as shared prime shipping.

2. Amazon Family

Parents of young babies and toddlers can get the following with their Amazon Family membership:

  • Free baby registry welcome box
  • 20% off diaper subscriptions, baby food and more (Subscribe & Save)
  • 15% completion discount on your baby registry
  • Exclusive Coupons and Deals from Amazon Family
  • Amazon Freetime Unlimited
  • Amazon Prime Membership
The membership is $99 annually per family (compared to $119 for a regular Prime Membership).

3. Prime Students

6-month trial courtesy of Sprint, for new members only.
After your trial, Prime student is just $6.49/month or $59/year. Cancel anytime.

14 August 2018

Back to School Sales!

I love back to school season. Man, if only my hands were working as they should I would be enjoying all the new pens and pencils and notebooks on offer.

Here are just a few of my favorite back to school sales I have found online at Amazon... Please share if you have seen any others yourself. 😃

  • The ultimate writing essential kit includes: 2 permanent markers, 1 dry erase marker, 3 highlighters, 6 ballpoint pens, 1 gel pen, 2 felt pens, 3 mechanical pencils and 2 erasers
  • Back to School Essentials Supplies Kit (K-8) includes: 8 Dixon #2 pencils, 1- 1" binder, 2 spiral notebooks wide ruled, 2 wide ruled composition notebooks, 2 2-pocket paper folders with center prongs, 1 12" wooden ruler, 10 Crayola "washable" markers, 24 Crayola crayons, 12 Crayola sharpened color pencils, 2 Elmers school glue sticks, 1 Elmers school glue 4oz, 1 double sharpener, 2 pink erasers, 1 kids scissors, 1 hard pencil box.

UPDATE (8.11.18): For a limited time only, up to 80% off back to school reads on the Kindle.

Be sure to share your favorite sales you've found in the comments below! xo

Disability: Have You Heard of These Discounts?

Often I find myself hearing about new discount options for those who have disabilities like myself. It is amazing how "hidden" these benefits are. There should be a list somewhere, I thought. So maybe I will start one now...

1. Electricity Discount (CARE/FERA)
If you need extra air or heat because of your health and get a doctor's help, you can get a discount on your electricity bill for air conditioning and/or heating.
California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) reduces energy bills for eligible customers by about 30%. 
Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) reduces electric bills for qualified households by 12%.
2. FREE Mobile Phone Plans (Lifeline)
You can get Lifeline if you participate in one of these federal assistance programs:
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as Food Stamps
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • Tribal Programs (and live on federally-recognized Tribal lands)

Show a card, letter, or official document, as proof that you participate in one of these programs when you apply for Lifeline.
A while ago I heard about the program from a driver but they weren't providing phones at the time. Apparently now they're back to providing phones! YAY. I just applied and am getting my phone plan via TruConnect that includes:
    Free - Android Phone
    Free - Up to 1.5GB Monthly Data
    Free - Unlimited Talk and Text
    Free - Unlimited Calls to Select Countries
Can't wait to review it for you soon.

Update (8/15/18): TruConnect rep said that my application is being reviewed and after it has been approved in a couple days it will be shipped to me. If they have any questions they will contact me via email.

Update 8/21/18: Application was approved! They say "Please allow up to 2 weeks from the date of this email to receive your phone."

3. Discounted AMAZON Prime w/ Medicaid.

- Prime is just $5.99/month for qualifying customers in select U.S. government assistance programs such as holders of the EBT card. 
- Enjoy the benefits of Prime at almost 50% off the regular monthly price for 1 individual account!

That's it for now. Hope these 3 have been helpful. Cheers,

13 August 2018

Amazon Prime: Cutting the Cord?

Are you considering dropping cable and starting to pay for individual channels c/o Amazon Prime? if you calculate the numbers you might be surprised by how smart this decision could be for you and your household.

Amazon Prime: $99 /year [or $5.99 /month for qualifying customers in select U.S. government assistance programs such as holders of the EBT card] includes free two-day shipping and prime reading for your kindle too! plus numerous other offers.

Not convinced if Prime is for you? Try their 30 day free trial!

Individual Channels:
Some of my favorites (so far!)

$6.99/month after your free trial! Worth the price to watch the amazing Poirot that is no longer available on Netflix.

$14.99/month after your free trial including the addictive Big Little Lies.

$8.99/month after your free trial. My only conflict is that many of the classic Showtime shows are already available as part of Amazon Prime. So it depends on what shows you're keen to watch.

$5.99/month after your free trial including the fabulous Endeavor (the first 4 seasons are all available via Prime) and Victoria (Season 1 is on Prime).

If you love to watch those addictive Lifetime Movie films, it's only $3.99 a month after your free trial!! Consider that most of the films on Amazon are $4.99 the price is a great deal. Even LMN on demand (cable) does not include all these great films.

Great Courses is a great (!!) buy. For $7.99 a month (after your free trial) you can watch as many of the Great Courses on Amazon Video that would otherwise cost you over one hundred dollars for some of the most popular courses!

So here are some numbers. Imagine you have the prime membership plus 2 channels. That adds up to:
$99 Prime Membership (1 year)
$6.99/mo. x6 Britbox ($41.94)
$7.99/mo x3 Great Courses ($23.97)
$14.99/mo x12 HBO ($179.88)
= $344.79

And remember! You don't have to make a 12 month contract with any of these channels and can cancel them whenever you want and restart just as quickly (often without the free trial). And the Prime Membership includes so much more than just Prime Video.

12 August 2018

Conejo Players: West Side Story IS Breaking Hearts!

Thousand Oaks' local favorite Conejo Players has been wowing audiences weekly since 20 July with their summer production of West Side Story. And if you haven't had a chance to get to Conejo Players to see this production, you'll be wanting to reserve a spot in your calendar for closing weekend (16-19 August)! Considering that this past Sunday's 2pm matinee was sold out you'll want to get a hold of those tickets ASAP.
Company. (c) Conejo Players.
Dale Alpert (Doc) and Cameron Liljekvist (Tony)
As always, Conejo Players pulls some of the best and brightest talent from the Conejo Valley and beyond. Director Devery Holmes (President of the Board of Directors) was so impressed with the talent she saw that the show's leads and several featured roles have been double casted and at Sunday's matinee, Tony and Maria were played by the capable and winsome Cameron Liljekvist and Jennifer Scott. Their charm was in their youthful exuberance experiencing first love. Major props to the couple for bringing passion and charm to "One Hand, One Heart" without making it nauseating. And the pain they both felt during the second act was palpable and gut wrenching. Similarly double casted, Cheyenne Green is feisty and sexy as Anita. Her almost rape scene (not quite as intense as the latest US National Tour) is tragic and heart wrenching as is her fabulous second act duetChino (Joel Tinjaca) was not only the best dressed cast member at the gym dance but happened to exhibit some fabulous acting chops during the second act in his scenes with Scott. Dale Alpert, who was last seen in Camarillo Skyway Playhouse's Little Women: The Musical, does a fabulous job as Doc providing the voice of reason of the show. I certainly was itching to applaud him on a couple occasions. Supporting standout was Allison Martinez (lastly in Camarillo Skyway Playhouse's Little Women: The Musical) as a hilarious and adorable Rosalia/Shark Girl and Michael Kronenberg as Baby John who tugged at the heart strings with his second act comments about the late rumble. The two surprise favorite leads of the day were Jeff Lawless and Tyler Lopez as Riff and Bernardo respectively. 

All in all though the casting was superb and not a weak link amongst them all. I was specifically interested in Holmes' decision to cast many of the Puerto Ricans Color blindly without the usual stereotype looks aside from her leading ladies for both casts and Lopez as Bernardo. Many of the Shark girls I would wager to be Caucasian whereas typically most jet girls are Caucasian and I notice one to be of color. This actually worked out well in connection one with the directors notes saying,
"during these times when street violence and race wars are still very real, West side story reminds us of the importance of embracing our differences; of forgiveness; and of the power of love." 
Lieut. Shrank (Ray Mastrovito), the show's largest and most obvious racist, puts it none of the boys are immune from being picked on for their background because as he points out most of the Jets are immigrants themselves be it from European countries. The line between the current scapegoat and last year's scapegoat is very thin as I believe our director was trying to point out with her casting decisions. Of course this could all just be my reading of the situation but it seemed to work well for the Conejo Players' production of Leonard Bernstein's famed musical.

Strong props go to costume designer Manuel Silva for the choice and decision to use color to differentiate between gangs and races with the exception of Maria. Also, the ballet costumes during act two were gorgeous and perfectly complemented and reflected the tone of the show. Similarly I found that wig designer Leo Zeller did a great job with the ladies' wigs making them appear very realistic and using them to help differentiate between the jet girls and the shark girls. In fact many times I was not even sure which lady was wearing a wig and who was not. And despite the very simple set design by John Eslick I found it came off well made and by not distracting from the story the sets helped move the plot along. And what a delight it was to have a live orchestra, featuring the likes of Margaret Joyce on Reeds, albeit thin and sometimes capable of drowning out the singers so lines were missed.
Ensemble. (C) Conejo Players.
But really Miriam Durrie-Kirsch's choreography (that was so well loved in Panic! Production's She Loves Me), with assistance by her daughter Dani Kirsch, was the star of the show. The program says that the choreography was inspired by the original version of Jérôme Robbins and there is no questioning that in the brilliant prologue and dance at the gym sequences. But after a short while you almost forget that anyone came before this brilliance choreographer because she makes every sequence her own. My favorite has definitely got to be her gorgeous ballet sequence during "Somewhere" that had me all choked up. But choosing a favorite has to be as difficult as the oft-time quoted "I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens" (Ever After). And did I even mention how quickly the time flew with impeccable scene changes and fast moving scenes that never left me craving more nor itching to check my watch.

West Side Story plays through Aug. 19 at the Conejo Players Theatre. Please do yourself the favor of seeing this breath taking, heart wrenching and sensational production. Even if you do not see the three leads I did, you're guaranteed a fabulous time thanks to their strong ensemble and the very talented Dale Alpert, Jeff Lawless, Tyler Lopez and Allison Martinez. This is one of the best community performances I've seen in a long time nearly rivaling five star theatricals recent production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. A++.

Location: 351 S. Moorpark Road, Thousand Oaks.
Parking: Free, spacious well lit parking lot (be sure to arrive early with plenty of time to park on sold out dates)
Tickets: $20 ($18 for students/seniors and military)
Rating (by Conejo Players): PG-13

PS-I used apples dictation app for my review due to my disability so please accept my apologies for any terrible spelling errors and grammatical errors.

10 August 2018

Fibromyalgia Friday

Happy Fibromyalgia Friday. Here are some of my favorite new quotes:

Hope these have been encouraging to you. Have a good day.

09 August 2018

Chronic Illness: Dreams and Depression

Happy Thursday my friends. Sometimes I find myself floundering these last 3 1/2 years. Come November it will be 4 years since I first got ill, first with tonsillitis and then chronic fatigue syndrome (later diagnosed as fibromyalgia). 
Since I cannot work nor finish my dissertation, at times I feel very depressed and lost. There were times when I felt especially lost because I could not drive myself outside and was reliant on medical transport to get to the doctor's office or friends to come visit me. Thankfully I have been able to move on from using medical transport and my wheelchair. I can even drive around town on a good day and sit through a theatrical performance. Yes I am usually incapacitated the day after but it's so important to feel some sense of freedom and enjoy opportunities for pleasure. And I don't even know what I would do without my beautiful dogs and family. Their love and support means so much and is able to bring a smile to my face even on the dreariest of days.
But what i meant to say before I got longwinded was that my therapist this week asked me why I could not start working on my dream. At first I thought it was laughable but heck, why not? I might not be as capable as when I was running around London and studying for my degree. But I do have a mind, sluggish as it might be, and so why not do some investigative work and poke around at fulfilling my dreams? Just because one is disabled and incapacitated in many aspects does not mean that I cannot dream and make the most of whatever this is.

Surely there is a purpose, yes?

05 August 2018

CPK: Pizza with a Purpose

Hi guys! Captain Hastings and I would like to invite you to join Life Animal Rescue in Thousand Oaks this week for a Pizza with a Purpose fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen. 20% of your bill will go towards helping rescue dogs and cats find a warm and loving home. #AdoptDontShop

04 August 2018

Motherhood Saves THE WAITRESS at The Pantages!

Charity Angel Dawson, Desi Oakley, Lenne Klingaman. Photo by Joan Marcus.
Waitress the musical has rolled into Los Angeles as part of its first national tour. With music and lyrics by Sarah Bareilles and a book by Jessie Nelson, the show is a very entertaining and fast paced musical comedy that pays tribute to the original motion picture written by Adrienne Shelly. The music by Sarah Bareilles will have you most likely tapping your feet for most of the show and Jessie Nelson's fast-paced Book will have you checking your watch at intermission in amazement at how quickly the time is gone without thinking the story was too quickly moved along for the sake of time.

For those of you that don't know the movie starring Kerri Russell and Nathan Fillion, the story revolves around Jenna, Played here by the incredibly talented Desi Oakley, a pie baker and waitress in an undisclosed Southern State. Jenna is surrounded by two of her best friends at the pie diner she works at whom are played by the equally charming and talented Lenne Klingaman and Charity Angel Dawson. She is also unfortunately in an abusive marriage with Earl, played scarily well by Nick Bailey, and finds himself pregnant with the baby she does not want. That leads her to meeting the new doctor in town, Dr. Pomatter, played by adorable Brian Fenkart who reminded this reviewer of the original Dr. Pomatter played by Nathan Fillion. Against her best instinct, Jenna begins an affair with her doctor while trying to save enough money to enter a pie baking contest and with the winnings leave her husband Earl.
Lenne Klingaman, Jeremy Morse. Photo by Joan Marcus.
Before what appeared like a jam packed audience on opening night at the Pantages in Hollywood California, the actors received countless laughs and heavy applause for nearly every scene and/or song. Surprisingly the strongest and lengthiest applause went to supporting actor Jeremy Morse who plays Dawn's nerdy but winsome suitor, Ogie.

The second strongest applause of the night rightfully so went to leading lady Desi Oakley for her 11 o'clock number "She used to be mine". Personally, my girlfriend's favorite numbers were the relatively lighthearted baking numbers in Act I such as Desi Oakley's "What's inside" and "what baking can do". My favorite number was the redeeming second act "Everything changes" by Desi Oakley once again. Seriously that lady has one incredible Voice that I could listen to all day!

Vocally this was one of the strongest casts I have had the pleasure of hearing in quite some time without a single low note. All three leading ladies were fabulous in their roles and the supporting gentlemen who Played their love interests were entertaining and carried their own musical numbers brilliantly.
Maiesha McQueen, Desi Oakley, Bryan Fenkart. Photo by Joan Marcus.
Because of the questionable adult content that appear to have been amped up since the 2007 movie, I was perplexed as to whether I should be rooting for extra marital affairs on two of the ladies parts and whether this was even a show I should be recommending. For that reason neither of the three romantic interest could be classified as a true hero. Like my friend said, there were no literal villains aside from the abusive husband, who gave one of the most well-rounded performances of the show, but you just can't like a man that carries on an affair while seemingly in a happy marriage with a woman who we see with our own eyes trusts and adores him, at least if you're brought up to believe affairs are a no no.

Desi Oakley and Larry Marshall. Photo by Joan Marcus.
The redeeming heroes of the story have to be supporting actors Larry Marshall as Joe, the proprietor of the pie shop, and the hilarious Meisha McQueen as Nurse Norma. Both Marshall and McQueen give the best eye rolls and meaningful looks when faced with the evidence of Jenna's affair with Dr. Pomatter. Similarly they are given the best lines.
"You probably shouldn't be having no affair... Not to mention the pain you could cause to other people.... Leave your husband fair and square and [after] smudge your lipstick with whomever the h*** you want." - Joe.
SPOILERS: But really it is motherhood that finally gives Jenna the chance to break free from the bad relationships she is in and choices she has made leading up to this. When faced with her pregnancy, Jenna never considers abortion, a decision that earns two thumbs up from this reviewer and makes the character likable for deciding to go through with an unwanted pregnancy despite being in an abusive marriage she's trying to crawl out. However she does not deny her lack of interest in this baby. All that changes when she meets her baby girl, Lulu, who she sings about in the gorgeous "Everything Changes":
You've saved me/ My blurry lines, my messy life/ Coming to focus and in time, maybe I can heal and I can breathe/ Cause I can feel myself believe
Ryan G. Dunkin and the Cast of the National Tour of WAITRESS. Photo by Joan Marcus.
All in all the musical is very faithful to the 2017 movie aside from the unnecessary comedic sexual scenes where characters stimulated sex that made me glad I had not gone to see this show with a guy friend or my father. The music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles are catchy and entertaining. The lyrics for the most part are plot driven. Jessie Nelson's book was faithful to the dialogue from the late Adrienne Shelly's movie and the story plot moved fluently along with clever use of the staging and set design by Scott Pask. The decision to include the minimal band on stage as part of the diner was brilliant and similar to last year's tour of Bright Star at the Ahmanson it was great to see the cast interact with the musicians which helped create an organic environment.

Again a shout out to the brilliantly talented cast that could hardly be any better than any Broadway casting I imagine. And a special shout out to ensemble member Gerianne Perez (understudy for Dawn) whom my eyes kept drifting towards whenever the ensemble was featured.

Now who is this show appropriate for? I would personally recommend leaving the kids at home and any young teenagers who are not ready to deal with the adult content, referring primarily to Jenna's abusive marriage and the two extra marital affairs going on. Also bear in mind the sexual scenes where characters simulate sex. They may not remove their clothes but nothing much is left to the imagination and it's hard to know if the writers are encouraging the audience to support and applaud the choice for sex outside of marriage. There is also adult language with numerous uses of the Lord's name in vain.

In closing, a shot shout out to the producers for the brilliant idea of having pies in a jar for sale in the lobby. The price is high. At $10 dollars you can easily get yourself a slice of pie at Marie Callendars or dessert at Cheesecake Factory and still have change left over. However it makes for a fun souvenir with the glass jar you can keep and a great experience of eating pie while watching the ladies on stage baking away and some of the characters even eating the pies that are apparently provided by Whole Foods. I asked the lady selling pies if these were Sara Lee pie and she said someone else baked them. She would not disclose any more information.
Pies in a Jar sold at the concession stand. Photo by The Joyous Living.
Also beware that apparently they are only allowed to give out one spoon with each jar purchase. So if you plan on sharing like we did, either grab a napkin to wipe off the spoon in case you are a germaphobe or packing your bag a small sample spoon as you would get it at any gelato or ice cream shop. In Los Angeles your choices for pi are Apple crumble and chocolate salted caramel. We tested out the chocolate salted caramel and found to be delicious, creamy, but very rich. So it was a good thing we shared because I don't know if I could finish to myself.
Pies in a Jar sold outside the auditorium doors. Photo by The Joyous Living.

If you're going to buy a pie in a jar, I suggest skipping the bar which is crowded and head straight to the table of pies by the auditorium doors which was much less crowded.

Enjoy the show that celebrates girlfriends and motherhood! And apparently this will be Desi Oakley's last stop on the tour so if you can I would highly recommend getting tickets for the Pantages stop in order to witness her fabulous performance.

Dates: 2 - 26 August 2018
Tickets: $49+
Location: Hollywood Pantages, 6233 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA
Parking: See Hollywood Pantages' parking suggestions here.
Appropriate Ages: 16+ due to adult languages, sexual situations and thematic content
Accessible Questions: See Hollywood Pantages' accessibility page here.

And if you are looking for a Spotify playlist as you head into LA to see Desi and the cast of Waitress in August, try her "Baker's Dozen" Spotify Playlist here.

PS-I used apples dictation app for my review due to my disability so please accept my apologies for any terrible spelling errors and grammatical errors.