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WW: Stone Fire Grill

Morning! Day 3 was another success on my weight loss journey.

For breakfast, I tried non-fat Greek yogurt (Trader Joe's) combined with low-fat granola (Trader Joe's) and blueberries.

For lunch, I made a 1/2 baked potato (2 smart points) with non-fat Greek yogurt, broccoli and a dash of parsley and cheddar cheese.

For dinner, the family went out to Stonefire Grill for another weekend family dinner. I must have spent a good half hour agonizing over nutritional facts and smart points. The frustrating thing was that Stonefire Grill does not provide sugar facts on their nutritional pdf which Weight Watchers requires for smart points calculations so I had to make guesses.

TIP: Don't go to the restaurant's website looking for nutritional facts. For some reason the only pdf I could find was the allergen facts.

I ended up getting:
1 petite salad w/ dressing on the side
1 petite tri tip w/o sauce
1 1/2 breadsticks

Like I said, there is no sugar facts so there was some guessing on the smart points (but I did lose weight!) but it looked like 2 points for a petite salad, 7 points for a breadstick and 11 points for a full petite tri tip (with pepper garlic sauce).

The salad and tri tip were split into two portions so I could have some more on another date.

My Goal: 40 pounds
Day 1 Weight Loss: 2.7 pounds

Day 2 Weight Loss: 1.2 pounds

Day 3 Weight Loss: 1.8 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 5.3 pounds (!!!!)