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WW: National Ice Cream Day

Ice Cream and Graham Norton (c) The Joyous Living
When I heard today was National Ice Cream Day I had to check out what Weight Watchers had to say about ice cream and found this handy table.

ProductPortion SizePointsPlus value
Fruit-flavored ice pop1 item1
Sherbert1/2 cup2
Sorbet1/2 cup2
Low-fat frozen yogurt1/2 cup3
Ice cream sandwich1 item4
Fat-free ice cream, no sugar added1/2 cup2
Soft-serve French vanilla ice cream1/2 cup5
Premium ice cream1/2 cup8
Obviously I won't be having a three scoop treat like I did for my 30th birthday but who says you can't have a small scoop and add some fresh fruit as garnish for zero smart points?
A Birthday Luncheon at the Stag (c) The Joyous Living.

Wanted to follow up by saying I had 2 Tablespoons of a "premium ice cream" (Ben and Jerry's Milk and Cookies) and according to the Weight watchers' app, that came to 3.25 smart points. I at first thought that wouldn't be enough but because of the sweetness it was just the right size coupled with banana and blueberry.


  1. What a cool day
    but to be honest, in my life everyday is national ice cream day XD
    You look lovely my dear.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

    1. thank you! going to have to check out your blog and i agree everyday should be ice cream day :)


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