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WW: Day 2 Eating Out

Good morning! Thanks for following along on my Weight Watchers journey towards healthy eating and shedding these extra pounds.

Day 2 involved most of the same foods for breakfast and lunch as Day 1 so I won't bore you with the details. You can find my waffle recipe (3-4 smart points) here and my lunch (7 smart points here) here.

For dinner, I went out with the family for some fast food and after reading and re-reading the nutritional facts and using my smart points calculator, I knew what I was going to eat with my remaining 17 points.

I ended up getting a Kid's charburger open faced meaning only using half the bun. That allows me to enjoy some bread while also being able to enjoy a small portion of fries that is included in the kids basket. I left for and satisfied and happy and has my Weight loss points will show you below I still Lost over a pound! So a huge thank you to the website exercise for weight loss with their handy Smart points calculator and nutritional facts for popular restaurants. Obviously I won't be going out to dinner most nights but on the weekends it's become tradition to eat out as a family. So kudos to Weight Watchers for not preventing me from going out with the family for a bite, change of scenery, and a good time with the family.

What are your favorite cheats when dining out?

My Goal: 40 pounds
Day 1 Weight Loss: 2.7 pounds

Day 2 Weight Loss: 1.2 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 3.9 pounds (!!!!)