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WW: Day 1 Lunch + Dinner

For lunch on Day #1 I had some left over tuna fish (2 Smart points) with 15 Lays oven baked potato chips (2 Smart points) for a quick and easy lunch.

Alternative options: Some of you might like an open face sandwich. You can use one slice of bread for two smart point as well. Reduced calorie bread is one smart point per slice. Another option if you would prefer bread is to have an English muffin. I believe it is two smart points for a light muffin. I decided to avoid any sugar that might be in the bread and enjoy dipping my tuna fish with chips.

Tip: To keep your tuna fish light in smart points, consider using light mayonnaise and maybe substituting it all together with mustard which is zero points. I stuck with some reduced fat mayonnaise which is 2 smart points for 1 tablespoon, mustard and a spoonful of relish which is approximately one smart point.

For dinner I celebrated a good day done With 2 eggs, veggies and a peach that equal zero smart points. I have to read anywhere specifically the said you need to have fewer smart points at dinner time but I figured it won't hurt to try. I would have taken a picture but I was hungry and wanted to eat so started the wolfing it down before I thought to pull out my camera. LOL. But I think we all know what eggs and veggies and a peach look like don't we? And by the way if you live near Trader Joe's and fancy some peaches they have a great deal on a flat of peaches that are just delicious.

That's it for now. I hope this is been educational and helpful for you all. It's always helpful to know what works and that you're losing weight in the process Well being healthy. In particular I am trying to avoid too much sugar and the emotional snacking that comes with being home during the day with my thoughts.

Accessible Note in the Kitchen: And for those of you with hand troubles like me (thank you Fibromyalgia) the hardest part is prying open the tuna can! If you have troubles with a can opener try an electric one, ask a friend for help, or get one with a tab.

So here is to positive healthy eating!

My Goal: 40 pounds
Day 1 Weight Loss: 2.7 pounds (!!!)

Next time I will share with you my new favorite Weight Watchers chocolate dessert and snack that is only 5 to 7 points depending on a couple choices you might make. And you can still lose weight eating it!