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WW: Day 1 Breakfast

Morning! Happy Sunday! Time to start on our adventure towards healthy eating. I wanted to start off with a recipe for everyone's favorite meal of the day. Breakfast.

Multigrain Belgium Waffles! (2.25 smart points!)
Mix together:
1/3 Cup Trader Joe's Multigrain Baking & Pancake Mix [4 Smart points]
1 Egg White [0]
1/2 Cup Unsweetened Original Almond Milk [<1]
1 Tablespoon Oil [4]

Split batter into 4 sections. Personally my Belgium Waffle maker makes 2 whole waffles which I split into 4 portions.

Because fruit counts for zero points, feel free to top your waffle with your favorite assortment. On Day #1 I used fresh strawberries. Yum!

If you're looking for a little something sweet and moist, consider pureeing some strawberries with water in the blender [Zero Points] or you can add up to 1 Tablespoon of Sugar Free Lite Syrup for 1 Smart point!!

For some added protein, I also baked one slice of Turkey Bacon (1 smart point) on the side. But you could also choose zero point eggs.

Easy peasy and yummy. And for those of you with hand troubles like me (thank you Fibromyalgia) the hardest part is the few seconds stirring the batter at the beginning. Heck you could use your mixer if you want!

You can have your carbs and lose weight too!


My Goal: 40 pounds
Day 1: 2.7 pounds (!!!)

Come back later for my Day 1 lunch and dinner.