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Mothers' Day Hope

Good evening ladies... can't believe it is already middle of May 2018 and here we are with Mothers' Day just tomorrow morning.
To all those special ladies I wish you a happy and blessed day... and to all of us who are still waiting for that opportunity to hear a child cry Mummy for the first time I wish you peace and hope.
I know that sometimes I wish I could recreate my story and instead of spending my third Mothers' Day at home on pain medicine and with my fingers throbbing from typing I would be holding a small child of my own and experiencing life to the fullest but I know that God the Father has a plan for my life and for all our lives that is for good and not for evil to give us a purpose and a hope.

So what is a single woman such as myself supposed to do and think on Mothers' Day? The constant reminders that we do not have children ourselves can certainly lead to depression. But it can also hopefully be a reason for hope...

Am I hopeful?

Sometimes. Not always. Often not. Perhaps.

But I BELIEVE that we do have reason for hope and that belief helps me see the day through.

Hopefully it helps you too.

In the meantime, check out a couple of my all-time favorite comedic movies about mum:

1. Moms' Night Out w/ Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton and Trace Adkins

2. The Women starring Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford