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Films for Easter: Miracle Maker

Hi friends! Another ER trip but thankfully I am home and ready to share a quick post. In readiness for Easter (1 April 2018) I wanted to share a few of my favorite Easter films worth watching these next few weeks:

#2 - Miracle Maker (Amazon Prime/DVD)

If you've followed my blog for a while you've probably heard me rave on and on about Ralph Fiennes and the fabulous Anglo-Russian claymation/animation feature length film, Miracle Maker.

The stop motion artwork is EXCELLENT with great facial features and scenic detail.
The vocal cast starring Ralph Fiennes as Jesus and Rebecca Callard as Jarius' daughter is top notch delivering realistic emotion and passion. For instance, two of my favorite moments in the film are when Jesus sobs over John the Baptist (not a common scene in many Biblical films) and sighs audibly when the Pharisees call him out of the crowd to ask another loaded question. And lets not even mention the time when Satan (in one of the few hand drawn animated cartoons) tempts Jesus to run away from the Garden of Gethsemane -- goosies!!

The scariest scene involves a demonically possessed Mary Magdalene whom Jesus saves. Again, expect goosies!!
This likely is one of the best depictions of Jesus as Son of Man. There's no "preaching" nor "thumping of the Bible" which means this is a fabulous choice to show your friends and family this Easter season. Instead of focusing on one gospel the story weaves stories from all gospels in addition to creating vignettes showing Jesus' humanity such as laughing over lunch with Lazarus and the disciples over simple day to day topics. And how often do you see Jesus in films laughing and smiling? In this gorgeous retelling Jesus is full of mirth and humor and depth. He is the Son of God sent to die for our sins but he is also still 100% man and that comes through in this great feature film.
So please do yourself a favor and watch Miracle Maker this Easter Season. You won't regret it.

DirectorsDerek Hayes and Stanislav Sokolov



  1. I love the fact that it explains the real meaning of Easter without all the Bible thumbing. I tried one with the thumping in it last year and it scared my daughters. I will give this one a try

  2. This is definitely worth-watching!! I have always watched The Bible every easter which lighten me up after watching.

  3. What you point out is true and not something I've really thought about- Jesus as portrayed in movies is always extremely serious. You don't see him laugh or act like a real person. This depiction sounds like a refreshing change

  4. Great list of films for Easter!And Great post. I actually just a produced a little short film for NZ band City of Light and it has been shared by someone I know in preparation for Easter as it focuses on the fathers heart in the midst of dark times. It's a abstract retelling of the prodigal son. Here is the link if you are interested


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