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Mudslides Close 101 Freeway!

Hi Loves. Sorry it has been ages since the last post but I caught the nasty flu/virus that has been going around. Finally back on the up and up and making up all those doctor appointments I had to cancel the last couple weeks, woot woot.

101 Fwy. Photo by Greg Villeneuve.
In local news... 

I am sure you've heard of the horrific mud flooding in Montecito (Santa Barbara) yesterday morning. The 101 Freeway has been closed between Santa Barbara and Ventura and 13+ are dead. Horrific.

Prayers and best wishes with all families and friends and survivors.

Thanks to Island Packers commuters do have an option to get to and from Ventura and Santa Barbara for the duration of the 101 freeway closure.
Dad and I onboard Island Explorer.
For specific details including fare prices and contact information, visit their website here.

We have yet to hear if Motown the Musical (non-equity national tour) will be able to move from their last theater in Santa Barbara to Thousand Oaks (scheduled dates 1/11-1/14) due to the 101 Freeway closure so 

Update (4:20pm PST): The Motown tour will be going the long way around to Thousand Oaks and should be ready to perform on 1/11 as planned!