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Countdown 2 Xmas: World Vision

Less than a month until Christmas morning. Wow. Where does the time go? Today for Cyber Monday I wanted to launch my limited time series on several places you can buy gifts that will both please the intended recipient and also give back to the less fortunate!!

So lets start with #1 - World Vision.

I previously mentioned World Vision as part of my 2016 A to Z Challenge and The Night Manager's Natasha Little is an ambassador for the charity. World Vision is a global charity that (in their own words)
"seeks to create a protective environment around children, such that they not only survive but thrive in their communities. World Vision’s programs strive to ensure that physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable children are met within caring and protective families and communities — focusing on activities that prevent them from falling into crisis or harmful situations; protect those who are in immediate danger through responsive care and improved capacity of service providers to respond; and restore child survivors of abuse, exploitation, or violence through appropriate community-based care."

Their numerous celebrity ambassadors also include President Bill Clinton and actor Hugh Jackman.

In addition to sponsoring children through their organization, you can choose to browse their Charity Gift Catalog for unique options like buying medicine, chickens, necessities, soccer balls, etc., in the name of your loved one this holiday season. You'll also receive a free personalized card with each gift that you can present the recipient.

For their USA Gift Catalog
For their UK Gift Catalog


  1. I've already bought most of my Christmas gifts this year but its such a brilliant idea to gift charity products!

    Liv x


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