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Countdown 2 Xmas: Purpose Jewelry

Less than a month until Christmas morning. Wow. Where does the time go? Welcome to my limited time series on several places you can buy gifts that will both please the intended recipient and also give back to the less fortunate!! Monday we focused on World Vision where you can buy anything from a goat to a bag of soccer balls in someone's name for those less fortunate and Tuesday on Soi Dog Foundation where you can support Thailand dogs that have had a tragic start to life.

Today I want to introduce you all to PURPOSE JEWELRY a fabulous organization that uses your purchases of their gorgeous jewelry to help bring women out of human trafficking and into the light of freedom in partnership with International Sanctuary. In the company's own words:
We work with survivors in Mumbai, India and Orange County, CA. From creation to shipping, these young women are playing a critical role in every step of the process. They are able to earn a fair wage and gain employable skills for the future. 

The options in their catalog are practically endless and the craftsmanship by the ladies is stunning with market competitive prices. So perhaps this year you'll buy those special ladies in your life something truly special -- a gift of beauty for one and a gift of freedom for those ladies you haven't met yet. Here are just a few of the beauties to be found on their website:

and my favorite...
Until next time... God bless you...


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