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Accessible: Jury Duty (Live Update)

Ahh jury duty. Everyone's favorite pastime but actually a great honor and civic responsibility. If I ever was on trial, I would certainly want a jury of my peers.

So guys, today I am at jury duty. Whoop whoop! I thought I would try to provide updates throughout the day. Hopefully my hands and arms can keep up, lol. No voice dictation here.

So, parking:
I arrived at 7:40 at the Ventura court house for my 8:00 summons. Already the number of cars was hard to count and the line of jurors walking to the court house was loooong. And this was what I assumed to be a quiet day with only groups 1-2 called.

In section A,the first lot you come to, there were 4 (?) accessible parking spots near the walkway. I believe 2 were already filled and I took the 3rd spot. Pulling out my trusty walker I made the walk to the entrance (not too terrible) and arrived at security...

What lovely officers!
The first one took my purse for me so I didn't have to deal with putting it in the "dog bowl" 😄. The other waved me through the metal detector and joked cheerfully about me setting it off due to my walker. So kind they are and a great first impression of the courthouse. I didn't have to take off my hand braces or get my walker patted down which would have been an ordeal and holdup for others.

13:00 the afternoon female officer at the rear entrance -- not so friendly, quite curt in fact.

Ah yes. The longest queue of the day. I was so grateful for my walker and its seat! If you cannot stand for long periods of time or question whether you can handle the long walks, please do yourself a favor and bring your walker or wheelchair!

The two ladies I met at checkin were polar opposites. The first was cheerful and bright. The second was tired and sounded frustrated because she had to keep telling people how to scam the summons card.
The hallway and the center aisle leading to check in were both accessible and I easily could move my walker through the space.

the Wait:
It is 10:12 right now and we are on morning break. Oh gosh, i am so tired! And wanna curl up for a nap but perhaps my neighbors might disagree hehe. There are two sections of seats in the jury assembly room and the first rows in each section are accessible with five seats each.

So far one group of jurors have been called. Only 49 cases today so hopefully quiet and fast. Fingers crossed.

Let's chat about the chairs. They are surprisingly comfortable. I had brought my lumbar support but might not be necessary. They have arm rests and chairs sink back ever so slightly.

Accessibility at Jury Duty:

You might be wondering why I am here with all my ailments. Frankly I believe in my civic duty, was excited to have a change of scenery, and although my arms are on fire without my ice packs and I am counting down the minutes till I can take my Tramadol I believe this is my chance to do something good for my community instead of always sitting around and going to the Doctor.

10:38 - down to 32 cases.

In addition to myself, I have seen one lady of advanced age with a cane and she was able I guess to find a seat in one of the other rows.

The exciting bit was that the judge who gave our introduction, the Honorable Judge Ayers, had with her Willow, a service dog in training! What a great sight and sense of normality it provides. Two thumbs up for Judge Ayers.

It is 11:12 and not much has happened. Silence. The walker is very helpful for stretching out my legs and not sitting at a 90 degree angle.

11:27 - gave in and took my medicine, waited as long as my body would let me. 😆 when I was walking the halls to stretch my legs and get a water from the vending machine, I was impressed with the accessible notice re the rivalving doors.

Usually just wheelchairs and strollers are mentioned, bravo Ventura Superior Court!

Lunch should be announced soon. Until, let's mention the interesting attire.

The summons says to wear business casual. So I find it very interesting when I see folks in jeans, cargo pants, t-shirts, sweatpants and track pants. Times have definitely changed.

Photo: one in track pants and another in slacks.


12:42 - I have discovered the "unofficial jury nap area". Hehe.

In the cafeteria there is a group of 4 armchairs and 2 love seats With a sign requesting feet off furniture. Once again my walker came in handy so I could stretch my legs and get a 1/2 hour of shuteye. Nice.

Also, apparently the wifi in the cafe is stronger than the jury assembly room. The wifi is courtesy of TWC and allows guests 1 free hour of wifi.

12:51 //Thoughts// lunch is almost over. Wonder if there will be any more cases needing jurors. Been awful quiet so far...

13:15 jurors have been summoned... #suspense

15:07 I was called! Would have been 2-3 day trial but while jurors were in hallway it was settled. 👍🏼 so I am back in jury assembly room with 13 cases remaining... And surprise! Found a jury duty buddy among those called upstairs.


  1. Nice post, thanks so much for this sharing!

  2. Lots of love to you. Good on you for taking the initiative and spreading positive vibes and love all around. I wish you lots of health and love.


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