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VLOG: DBPower EX5000 Review

21 August 2017

Hi guys! Happy Solar Eclipse Day!
Hope everyone was being safe with their eyes. :D

Just wanted to share a quick review of DBPower EX5000 that Amazon is currently selling... Enjoy!
until next time! so many reviews and posts to do but so little energy and strength... coming soon tho!

Vlog: How I Have Fun

13 August 2017

Hi guys! Pardon but being in the emergency room on Wednesday and dealing with a bad health weekend meant I haven't had time or the energy to post my latest YouTube video... Many people have asked how I am able to have fun and yet can't do normal daily duties such as my dissertation, work, etc...

Trust me, I would love to do those "normal" daily duties but unfortunately not possible right now.... So if you are curious please check out my latest video.

Best wishes for everyone's health and happiness xo


09 August 2017

Remember my recent VLOG about Life Animal Rescue? Well now is your chance (if you live locally) to support this great non-profit while at the same time filling your bellies with yummy pizza, salad, bread and wine. <3
If you live near Westlake Village, California, please print this flyer and bring it in on either the 16th or 17th of August so that 20% of your bill will go to help Life Animal Rescue!! Thanks so much for Hastings Alyosha and Me!


Vlog: Health Update

07 August 2017

Hi Guys!
I'm back from Cedar Sinai (went for my 2nd consultation on Thursday last week) and what a headache trying to figure it all out and make my next move... :o

If you fancy a quick update, check out my latest VLOG below and do say hi!

My best wishes are with you all who are struggling with autoimmune diseases and Fibromyalgia and those of us who are still not convinced we've got the right diagnosis. <3

Vlog: Hastings and LIFE ANIMAL RESCUE

Hi Guys!
Been ages, I know, but what a crazy health month (more about that in my next post)...
BUT... I had a chance to film a short vlog this weekend featuring my wonderful Captain Hastings Alyosha and to brag about the great ladies at Life Animal Rescue in Agoura Hills/Westlake, California. So take a peek, please, subscribe, and say hi!
Enjoy!! <3
6 months later!! :)
Last but not least... if you have a strong stomach and want to see a little of what Captain Hastings Alyosha looked like right after being rescued, visit this video...
Until Next Time...

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