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Disney Drama Continues!

01 July 2017

After my latest post yesterday about my discrimination by Disney Public Relations because of my disability, I wanted to give Disney Public Relations a chance to respond. Only fair, right?

Here is the e-mail I sent them:
Hi DLR Team,
Ever since ... accepted my media request in 2015 to review the holiday experience on my Vlog, I have had 3 denials from Disney in the last 8 months to review the disability accessibility experience on my blog and I kept asking for a reason but received no reply. I also received no replies to the emails I sent asking for details about accessibility. As a huge fan of Disney I hate to think I am being denied because Disney is anti-disability but what other reason should I imagine when I am receiving no information from your team and my queries continue to not be answered.
Please see my latest Disney post:
Maybe this is something your team should be aware of. Perhaps it is an unintentional slight? As I said, I hate to think anything bad of Disney but what else am I left to think?
And here is the response I received from a Director of Public Relations:
Thank you for your interest in the Disneyland Resort, and the inquiry about the guest accessibility in the parks.

We are happy to share the following information, which is available to our guests and the public. It’s at, on this link.
Thank you! 
I was shocked and very disappointed when I received this e-mail a few minutes after sending my earlier e-mail. I had explained my "case" and asked for an explanation that would discredit my earlier assumptions. But all I got back from this Director of Public Relations was a form letter. 

Thanks a lot, Disney. :(


  1. They have been so unhelpful and haven't given a proper answer! I can imagine how disappointed you must be! What will you be doing next, keep us updated and I followed ♥

    Please check out my blog
    Khadija x
    Instagram: @yeahitskhadz

    1. Thanks Khadija! The manager who sent that form letter has asked for my phone # so maybe things are looking up :D

  2. Love your post dear ♥
    If you want check out my blog.I write about fashion,beauty and lifestyle . Maybe we can follow each other and we can be great blogger friends !

    1. Thanks! Will definitely check out your site :)

  3. I am with you in not wanting to think they simply don't care. No doubt the sheer size of the Disney Enterprise could make them sluggish to reply and lean heavily on form letters. In this litigious society they probably need all correspondence reviewed by a dozen lawyers. Pity! Don't let them rob you of your joy!
    Visit me @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead. 😉

    1. They definitely haven't robbed me; just disappointed...

  4. A form letter is always so annoying. I hope you receive a better response soon.

    1. I received a request for my phone # so maybe something is looking up? :D


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