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Island Packers: Whale Watching (PICTURES)

Hi guys!
I'm back with a HUGE post of photos from my incredible whale watching tour courtesy of Island Packers.

We've covered the logistics, their fabulous accessibility accommodations onboard and now lets look at the gorgeous marine life and the beautiful Pacific Ocean that you'll be seeing on your own whale watching tour!

Because there are so many photos, please continue here...

Half way through our tour, we saw the most incredible sky that this photo cannot do justice. We had been fortunate to have a fog in the shallow waters that prevented heavy winds but once we moved into the deeper waters the water suddenly looked STUNNING as the fog pulled away. Again, this photo cannot do the beauty justice!

In the deeper waters, we saw numerous blue whales! The water was stunning like I mentioned above and I could have stayed there forever just baking in the sun and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

After some great viewings of a couple different species of whales in the deeper waters, we returned to the shallow waters where we saw even more whales and dolphins and I was excited to see this adorable seal (see below) who was playing alongside the stern of the ship meaning I had a front row view to his antics.

There is no guarantee what animals you will see, but you will definitely see some gorgeous scenery and water and be treated exceptionally well by the crew and volunteers who are always willing to answer questions, help you carry your beer/wine (for purchase) up the stairs, help you get situated with a wheelchair, etc. I couldn't have asked for a better whale watching tour and I am sure you too would have an incredible and memorable adventure if you book with Island Packers out of Ventura.
Disclaimer: My tickets were gifted by Island Packers but all opinions and photos are my own.