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W is for... Women

For my 2017 challenge, I was not sure quite what I wanted to blog about. Numerous ideas were coming to mind but each seemed to require even more energy and strength. So I've decided to focus on an acronym for ART:
A - Artists (musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc.)
R - Reading (books, poems, etc.)
T - Theater (movies, musicals, plays, etc.)

Today we're focusing on...


A - 
I love paintings and photographs of women who are dancing. Such grace and beauty.

R -
This is one of my favorite Poirot novels because it is when Captain Hastings (whom I named my dog after) meets the love of his life, "Cinderella". And lets admit, who among us wasn't a bit sad he was taken off the market? Gotta love ourselves some Poirot with his eccentricities and Captain Hastings with his gentlemanly goodness.

T - 
The Women (1939) has to be one of my favorite ensemble pieces with such wittiness and an incredible ensemble of Hollywood's best.
The Women (1939).


Sarah Zama said…
I'm not sure, but I think I might have seen 'The women' a loooong time a go, when black and white films still aired on tv (in the oddest times of the day in the deep of summer, usually).

Great post :-)

The Old Shelter - 1940s Film Noir
Joy said…
one of my fave quotes "go ahead dear, no starch it's gluten." :P
Courtney Turner said…
It's a pretty painting of the woman dancing. https:// Maui Jungalow
Nilanjana Bose said…
Beautiful painting! and I loved Christie in my teen years and still reread them from time to time for a nostalgia fix. You never outgrow Christie :)

Aidyl Ewoh said…
Wow, this is such a neat theme for the A to Z Challenge! Good job with it. :)
And that painting is really beautiful and graceful. It's kinda peaceful to just sit and look at it.

Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. See my “W” post here:
TheCyborgMom said…
I love Degas' paintings of the ballerinas...those are some of my favorites.
James walker said…
As a rule, women with less feeling of design and clothing won't not consider wearing upper garments that suits their chest region