24 April 2017

T is for... A Tale of Two Cities

For my 2017 challenge, I was not sure quite what I wanted to blog about. Numerous ideas were coming to mind but each seemed to require even more energy and strength. So I've decided to focus on an acronym for ART:
A - Artists (musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc.)
- Reading (books, poems, etc.)
T - Theater (movies, musicals, plays, etc.)

Today we're focusing on...

TALE OF TWO CITIES, one of my all time favorite musicals/plays/movies/books :D

A... Storming of the Bastille by Jean-Pierre Houel (1789)

R... Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

T... My favorite Sydneys in no particular order!

Ronald Colman (film)

Charles Dance (Audio)

James Barbour (theater)

(also be sure to check out my other James Barbour video highlight under "J is for...".)