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ROKU: What a Nightmare!

Ughhhh... We have been happy with a Roku 2 for years! It has given us great picture and allowed us to use our A/V Receiver to receive excellent sound. Fast forward to now and we wanted to get the Roku Streaming Stick because we'd been having problems with our Roku 2 rebooting every couple days during the middle of a show which is annoying but not nearly as annoying as what I am about to tell you...

We plugged the Roku Streaming Stick into the same HDMI input we had been using for our Roku 2 for years w/o difficulty... Picture is perfect. Sound is Zilch. Yikes! We tried changing the ports, restarting everything, etc., etc.... nothing! So this morning I messaged a "Streaming Specialist" who by the way is harder to reach than the POTUS. Insane. She says they DO NOT support HDMI Switch Boxes because of all the foreseeable problems. The only option according to the specialist was to reinsert the Roku Streaming Stick to the TV's 1 HDMI input (yes we are old school but tvs cost money) each and every time we wanted to use it. SERIOUSLY????? What a joke. So I nicely told her we would be returning the product pronto. No thank you.

So buyers... if you wish to buy a ROKU product and have an HDMI Switch **STOP NOW** They will NOT support your device and this will save you hours and hours of tears and frustration. Wish someone had told me. She pointed me to their "before you buy" page and I looked and there is NO mention that you can NOT use a switch. Ha!

*Rant Over*