21 April 2017

R is for... Rebecca &tc.

For my 2017 challenge, I was not sure quite what I wanted to blog about. Numerous ideas were coming to mind but each seemed to require even more energy and strength. So I've decided to focus on an acronym for ART:
A - Artists (musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc.)
- Reading (books, poems, etc.)
T - Theater (movies, musicals, plays, etc.)

Today we're focusing on...

A ... Ilya Repin (1844–1930)
"What Freedom!" 1903
R... Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
** one of my all time favorite books **
“Of course we have our moments of depression; but there are other moments too, when time, unmeasured by the clock, runs on into eternity and, catching his smile, I know we are together, we march in unison, no clash of thought or of opinion makes a barrier between us.”

T - Rebecca
Each has their flaws but these are my favorite Maxim de Winter actors in no particular order. :)
Laurence Olivier as Maxim.
Charles Dance as Maxim.
Alessio Boni as Maxim.
The Musical (German)