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National Day: Superheroes and Biological Clocks

Lets face it... there are way too many "national holidays" such as "National Cubicle Day" or "National No Homework Day".

But let's have some fun and address today's national days, okay?

April 28:

National Superhero Day
That's an easy one...
Michael Keaton IS the ONLY Batman. Nuff said.

National Biological Clock Day
Thanks a lot to whomever was the dodo bird who created this day...

National Workers Memorial Day
I had a relative who died in the mines several generations ago ...

National Kiss Your Mate Day:
Hmmm and what about us who don't have a mate? Does kissing my dog count? :D

Happy April 28! <3


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Kissing your dog always counts! And I'll take Christian Bale as my Batman ;)


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