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Need a Post Surgery Bra?

Hi Ladies!
Have you ever had surgery on your spine and been amazed at how painful it is to try and put on your old bra afterwards? Do you perhaps have pain and spasms in your shoulders and back making it impossible to wear a normal bra without tears of pain?

If so, might I recommend the *miracle* bra I discovered three months post surgery!! If only someone had told me about this great bra earlier...

Presenting... Fruit of the Loom's Front Close Built Up Sports Bra!
(c) Fruit of the Loom.

  • The bra is super soft with the material being 95% cotton and only 5% spandex. 
  • There are 6 easy to use hook and eye closures in the front and often I will only have the strength to use two or three of the closures and that works just fine...
  • The bra is machine washable which means less fussing post surgery.
(c) Fruit of the Loom.
For the fashionista in each of us, there are a few FYIs:
  • There is moderate ruching in the front which can be seen under thinner tops.
  • Depending on what you are wearing. it is possible and likely you will be showing some of the bra whether the back, front or shoulder straps.

But honestly I cannot recommend this bra more... It has been a lifesaver for me allowing me to wear a bra again post-surgery without causing extra pain to my shoulders and back!!

Final suggestion -- if you are in need of comfort, buy the bra TWO to THREE sizes LARGER then you normally wear! I tried several sizes (my normal size and one up) and had terrible pain in my shoulders and finally settled on a bra two sizes up and it works like a charm.

Enjoy! And I hope this has been helpful!!