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Magic Town: Not So Hot

Hmmm... Remember how tickled pink I was last week with the Magic Town little girls' leotard? Well, a lot has happened in a week and I am left with a bad taste in my mouth about both Magic Town and their Girls' Princess Dress...

Magic Town's princess dress is sold exclusively on Amazon.
Price: $49.99; currently on sale for $20.99. 
Much too expensive for what you get. Seems cheap and more like a Halloween costume then a party dress.
Material: Gauze, Pleuche, Polyester Taffeta
The crushed velvet feels and looks cheap. The dress after being unpacked seems rumpled and like crinoline. The netting and ribbon especially seem cheap and stiff.

Color: Pink and White
In the photos on Amazon, the pink is not as pronounced and the skirt looks whiter.

Now for my disappointment with Magic Town (in general). They do NOT offer exchanges via Amazon. So unlike other purchases made on Amazon, you are NOT able to exchange any item for a larger or smaller size. I wanted to exchange the leotard for a larger size but that was not possible. So if you receive any item as a gift or using a coupon (as I did) you will not be able to exchange for another size without paying for a brand new one. Also, the company seems to be based in Asia because on Amazon the customer service response was in broken English.

Hope this review has been helpful for you! Enjoy!

disclaimer: I received this dress for review purposes but all photos and opinions are my own.