24 May 2016

CFS: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hi Loves! I am still alive... Sorry for the very belated lapse between posts but I have been recovering from a bout of pneumonia on top of other things and while that would normally be remedied in a jiffy thanks to medicine and rest, due to my CFS it is taking much longer to recover although I am happily not coughing near as much as I was at the beginning. Progress. :)

Which brings me to my little "rant" about medical titles and people's assumptions, however well intended...

04 May 2016

BritWeek: LA to London Art Show

May the Fourth be with You! Today I am thrilled to share about last weekend's Sur Le Mur LA to London Street Week art show and benefit, as part of the 2016 BritWeek.

A to Z: Reflection Post

Good afternoon! I cannot believe it is already May and yet here we are on the 4th of May! I am home under a blanket with a cold -- shall we blame it on the busy month of April and my first ever A to Z Challenge? Why not? :)

01 May 2016

BritWeek: Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Good evening, lovelies! Remember that scrumptious looking Chocolate Biscuit Cake that Royal Chef Darren McGrady served at the BritWeek media preview I attended? Well it's time to get out your knife and fork because it is time to feast on this deliciousness and trust me, it is every bit as amazing as you would expect.