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What a Beautiful Day!

Today was one of the most wonderful and beautiful 5 Aprils I have ever experienced. Thanks to all those of you who sent such sweet words, prayers and love my way! Each was appreciated with a heart full of love and thanksgiving. So for a few snippets of today:

An afternoon at the Zoo!
Love the Santa Barbara Zoo's luscious environment and the beautiful animals. A series of features will be coming soon on all the cuties!!
Dinner at my favourite Indian restaurant!
Again, a feature will be coming soon but I just have to say they are hands down one of the best restaurants in the Conejo Valley - food, service, ambiance, everything is A++!

Homemade breakfast with fresh strawberries from Underwood Farms & Multi-grain Pancakes (Trader Joes' mix). Yum Yum.

Today was a victory and I praise God. Hope everyone else had a great one xx


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