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U: Gabrielle UNION

Happy Monday. It's the 21st day of my A to Z Challenge and what a journey! For those of you who haven't been following, I chose to focus on child abuse and sexual assault in hopes of raising awareness for my readers. After the positive feedback I received on my Quotes post, I want to start the final week off with a couple quotes from Gabrielle UNION, best known for her work in Bring It On and Being Mary Jane, who was raped at gun-point when she was 19.

 I embrace being a survivor.... Being a victim is so comfortable. It makes you lazy.
- Gabrielle Union, The Talk
Do you have any favourite quotes from survivors? Hope these have been encouraging to any and all victims/survivors out there! You are not alone.


Anna - Alina said…
Never heard another quotes from survivors, but I'm so glad that she's okay!
I liked your quotes from men because we too often forget about them. But hers are also admirable. It is very hard to talk about and you never know how people will respond.

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betty said…
How sad they asked her what she had on, like that would have made a difference. I didn't know this about her; glad she decided to speak out and give the quotes she did and let others know of her abuse.

Joy said…
I find quotes can be inspiring :)
Joy said…
Exactly. I hope and believe quotes can speak loudly especially when we're left w/o words.
Joy said…
Exactly! Glad you could appreciate it, Betty.
Seena said…
You theme is one of courage. I cannot imagine horrible these things are.. :(
Nilanjana Bose said…
Somehow blame still attaches to the abused rather than the rapists. Outrageous that she was asked about what she was wearing!! How clueless is that??

Wow. The second one is especially powerful. I have heard a lot of people talking about the "victim" label, it is a very interesting discussion.

@TarkabarkaHolgy from
The Multicolored Diary
TheCyborgMom said…
I didn't know she was a survivor. How wonderful that she has chosen to speak out about it. It's so crazy that people are still blaming the victims...what clothes she was wearing? Seriously! No one deserves to be raped. No one.
@IsaLeeWolf said…
I've always really liked her, but I didn't know that. It's great to see people who have made it through, and done it so well.
Joy said…
Thanks Seena.
Joy said…
Disgusting :(
Joy said…
Indeed... love what she said.
Joy said…
No one! Exactly.
Joy said…
Indeed; very encouraging i hope for victims/survivors and friends of those.