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SB Zoo: Elephants

Welcome back to The Joyous Living's series on the Santa Barbara Zoo. Did you know that the SB Zoo has had the same two Asian Elephants since 1972? They are Little Mac and Sujatha.

CONSERVATION NOTE: Asian elephants are listed as Endangered due to habitat loss, poaching and human-elephant conflicts.

MEET THE ELEPHANTS: Little Mac and Sujatha were born and raised in Mysore, India, until they were 18 months old and traded for two California sea lions in 1972. That means they are in their mid-forties!

DIET: Little Mac and Sujatha eat:
  • 137 lbs. fortified grains a week
  • 24 lbs. celery a week
  • 4 lbs. kale a week
  • 3 lbs. bananas a week 
And much much more! For more information visit the SB Zoo website.

VIEWING TIP: Plan to have your lunch or afternoon snack at the picnic tables above the elephant enclosure.

Zoo Tickets: $10-$17
Train Tickets: $5 (non-member); $4 (member)
Parking (in the zoo's lot): $7 (non-member); 1 free car (member)
Zoo Address: 500 Ninos Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

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