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S: Shadow

T.G.I.F.! Have you been following my A to Z Challenge story this month? What a journey! I have been studying and trying to give a voice for child abuse and sexual assault awareness this month.

Today, I am excited to introduce: SHADOW.
Shadow is my beautiful German/Australian Shepherd mix dog, and what a beauty she is!

Dog/Pet therapy is probably one of the best ways I personally know of to move from victim to survivor. If you have ever been through a traumatizing time, you know that a furry friend can be your best advocate in times of silence.
There were dozens of times when I was knee-deep in tissues and my face looked like a punching bag thanks to all the tears. And who was always there for me? Shadow. As if she has a sixth sense, Shadow would come find me and burrow in close for a cuddle. And this a dog who does not like to be cuddled close.
At Safe Haven, their dogs are seen as excellent therapists for child abuse victims because they:
  • Do not judge
  • Can provide safe, non-threatening touch & channel for communication
  • What a child sees is what they get
  • A four legged spa
Do you have a four legged pal? Are they always good for a safe and comforting hug?


I have learned so much in recent months about animal therapy. My most recent novel included a woman who was developing a horse farm that offered equine therapy. Animals are incredible companions and so non-judgmental.

Meet My Imaginary Friends
Joy said…
Awesome! What's the title of that novel?
Nilanjana Bose said…
I don't have an animal friend, but I totally agree that they make amazingly sensitive, caring and non-judgmental friends. Shadow is lovely.

Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016
betty said…
She is a beautiful dog!! Sounds wonderful that she is part of your life :)

No, not currently any dog pal here, but hopefully soon :)

Joy said…
Thanks Nilanjana. Shadow's pretty awesome :)
Joy said…
hope you find a special furry friend :)
Courtney Turner said…
Shadow looks gorgeous. I've heard horse therapy is also really effective for people - there was an article I read in a magazine once. BTW, I'm admiring the layout and design of your blog, it's very clean and simple. Maui Jungalow
Joy said…
Thanks Courtney. Newish layout so appreciate the positive feedback!
Patricia Lynne said…
Shadow is beautiful! I follow a Youtuber who recently got a dog and he found it helped so much with his depression and anxiety issues. People shouldn't underestimate how helpful animals can be to healing.

~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
Story Dam
Patricia Lynne, Indie Author
Joy said…
O that is good news! Thanks for sharing :)
I can completely relate to this post. Dogs can be healers. Pets in general can help when faced with grief and other issues.
That's one very photogenic puppy! :)
I do have a dog, and he is the best source of endorphin in the house :) All cuddles and no questions. They also bring therapy dogs to campus every semester during exams week... they are super popular.

@TarkabarkaHolgy from
The Multicolored Diary
Joy said…
Shadow is beautiful in photos but silly girl hates selfies. Sees the iPhone and runs or hides her face :P
TheCyborgMom said…
Shadow is beautiful! I'm so glad you have such a wonderful four legged friend! I adopted my Emmie girl last year, and she has quickly become my best friend. I suffer from chronic pain, and Emmie helps make the days a little less bad :) Dogs truly are man's best friend. I love seeing them work as therapy animals.
Joy said…
She is very special. We wish we had trained her as a therapy dog when she was a puppy.
Deniz Bevan said…
Aww, she's so happy looking. Sending cuddles!