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Good afternoon! This afternoon as part of my A to Z Challenge (focusing on Child Abuse and Sexual Assault) I am excited to share about the late Ann Rule, my favorite true crime author.

Ann Rule (1931-2015) worked as a law enforcement officer in Seattle and starting in 1969 she wrote as "Andy Stack" for the True Detective magazine. A couple years later when she was volunteering at a suicide crisis hotline center in 1971, she met a fellow volunteer, Ted Bundy, whom she would later write about in her first and best known book, The Stranger Beside Me.

I was first introduced to Ms. Rule's work in 2007 by a good friend and loved everything that she wrote thanks to her great way of advocating for the murdered victims and giving them a voice after death.  Her work has been so captivating that one mother begged Ann to research and write about her daughter's, Ronda Reynolds, murder in 1998. The subsequent book is In the Still of the Night.

If you are keen to read one of Ann Rule's books, try out:

- The Stranger Beside Me (about Ms. Rule's very own colleague, Ted Bundy)

- Small Sacrifices (about Diane Downs)

- If You Really Love Me (a chilling story about Cinnamon Brown, a young girl who was persuaded by her father to confess to a murder he committed)

- Heart Full of Lies (the controversial case of Liysa Northon who murdered her husband, Chris)

Enjoy! x


  1. That's so strange that you would mention her, a friend and I were just talking about her yesterday. That was a genuinely strange experience!!!

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  2. Beautiful blog. I'm always looking for something new to read, I will check her out. Thank you.

  3. I had heard of her books, but hadn't read any yet. Will need to write them down and get some after the A/z challenge; sound fascinating!


  4. Aloha Joy! Visiting after the #azchat on twitter, before I forget! Just followed you on GFC and will have to explore your other blog posts (when I have time...). I'm not familiar with Ann Rule. Maui Jungalow

  5. Hey, wasn't that a fun #azchat? Those books look a little outside my personal thrill level, but your blog looks awesome!

    1. Great chat last night. Thanks for visiting, jen.

  6. This sounds like an excellent recommendation that I will certainly explore.

  7. Wow! All of these sound like fascinating stories, even though they are dark... What a remarkable lady.

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. Indeed. I especially like that she had first hand contact and knowledge of Ted Bundy.

  8. Replies
    1. She was a terrific true crime author if you like the genre.


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