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N: Never Forget

Happy Saturday! Today's post is going to be short and sweet. In honour of the letter "N", let's focus on those victims we've previously mentioned lest they ever be forgotten.

Never forget! Never forget the victims and never forget the atrocities that made them victims. Let's learn from history and move forward!
Amber Hagerman (1996 kidnapping and murder victim; unsolved case)
Elisabeth Fritzl & her children (1984-2008, held captive by her father in the basement; survivor!)
Sharon Tate, Leno/Rosemary LaBianca and all the victims of Charles Manson (1969, murdered).
Sylvia Likens (1965, sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered)

Diane Downs' children: Cheryl (murdered), Christie (shot/stroke), and Danny (shot/paralyzed) (1983)

Happy Saturday! Until Monday!


The truly sad ones are the children that are so marginalized as to be forgotten completely. It happens much too often.

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Joy said…
Yes sadly they seem to get forgotten way too easily. To think that kids like Cheryl Down would now be 40! :(
Anna - Alina said…
Ah so sad stories!
Hope you have a better weekend than I have! ♥
Robin McCormack said…
Totally agree - we need to remember and take the lessons learned to prevent more. A discussion we were having in my homeschool group. How each one of us in our lives can make an individual difference.
betty said…
Good reminder to never forget; each one of these lives that were so tragically lost were loved by people and I am sure still missed by a lot of people.

Joy said…
O no. Sorry you're having a bad weekend. Birthday drinks tonight :)
Joy said…
I was homeschooled :D 6th-12th grade.
Joy said…
Definitely! And so many we will never know about.
TheCyborgMom said…
May they all rest in peace