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H: Helter Skelter

Happy Saturday! Apparently today is National Unicorn Day (who knew? LOL) so as I sit in my blue unicorn onesie (yes, I own one and they are super comfy!) I want to thank you all for sharing with me on this journey as we discover and bring awareness to "sexual assault" and "child abuse" this month.

For H, there is one phrase that I knew I had to share -- Helter Skelter. For some of my readers it might make you think of the John Lennon and Paul McCartney song from 1968. For others it will bring a chill to the heart at the memory of the atrocious crimes Charles Manson and his followers committed in in 1969.

Personally I remember working at an entertainment auction house where I had to gather screen shots for props and costumes we were auctioning. One time we had a dozen or so costumes from the 1976 TV movie and I had to sit at my desk watching clips from the film. Sure I had grown up knowing the story of Manson but watching and hearing these stories (even if it was a dramatized version) had me losing my lunch.

Sadly I fear that Manson is either forgotten (out of sight, out of mind) or idolized by his fans who continue to write him fan letters (even singer Marilyn Manson chose his name in homage to Charles Manson). But it is important to never forget each and every single one of his victims including:
  • Bernard "Lotsapoppa" Crowe (attacked by Manson personally; shot, but survived)
  • Gary Alan Hinman (held captive for days, cut his ear off, and stabbed in the chest with a sword)
  • Sharon Marie Tate (stabbed 16 times; was eight months pregnant) 
  • Jay Sebring (shot with a .22 revolver and stabbed seven times) 
  • Wojciech Frykowski (struck with a gun, then shot twice; was also stabbed 51 times) 
  • Abigail Anne Folger (stabbed 28 times) 
  • Steven Earl Parent (incidental; slashed in the wrist with a buck knife, then shot four times in the chest, abdomen, and face with a .22 revolver)
  • Leno LaBianca (stabbed 26 times in the neck and abdomen and carved "WAR" into his abdomen) 
  • Rosemary LaBianca (stabbed 16 times in the back and buttocks, then stabbed 25 times post-mortem)
  • Donald "Shorty" Shea (struck with a pipe wrench, stabbed, and brutally tortured)
And what of his women? I cannot deny that they personally murdered and tortured innocent victims. However were they also victims? These were young, impressionable and needy young women who saw Manson as "Jesus" and would do anything for his affirmation and "love" including murder 10 innocent victims. It's a scary reminder that when you have the control that Manson had, you must wield your power and influence carefully for other lives are dependent on your choices.

God bless you!


  1. I remember when that happened--it was so horrifying that no one could believe it. Sharon Tate was so beautiful and pregnant at the time. The thing was, Manson didn't commit any of the murders but he was diabolical that he controlled the minds of those people. Truly terrifying.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

    1. A true puppet-master. he did personally attack Crowe in front of the family but never killed him.

  2. I am afraid you are right - Manson is either forgotten (especially by this generation) or idolized.

    Thank you for taking the time to remember those who suffered at his hand.

  3. I will never forget Manson; I remember reading the events that happened when they happened; I was 12 years old at the time and it just terrified me so much. I read the book and got even more scared reading the book. I always felt for the victims and their families so much.

    You are right, the women that did his crimes could have been victims. They were looking for something, just looking in the wrong direction and it cost them basically the rest of their lives being in prison.


    1. Wow I would have had nightmares as a 12 year old. Grateful not to have lived through it but then again look at all the evil going on right now.
      I don't want to ever downsize the amount of respect and sympathy I have for the families of the victims who were murdered but there is something wrong about how Manson was able to effect these women and their children's lives.

  4. I recently heard that a woman (a much younger woman) was going to marry him in prison, but the wedding was called off when it came out that it was all a scheme to exhibit his body or something to that effect after his death.

    Such a strange world.

    A Bit to Read

    1. Seriously! She used to run his website too which is a bit scary to read thinking there are many people who actually believe it. :o

  5. Happy Unicorn Day then ! LOL
    I'd like to read this book, cause I've reading a little bit about this only in Wikipedia!

    1. Hehe; thanks for the Unicorn Day shout out hehe. Glad to be going through this fun A to Z w/ you!

  6. I'll never understand how he conviced those women to go along with him. For me, that's even more insane than him being evil.

    1. And even after he was arrested, Squicky tried to murder one of our presidents. :o

  7. Yes, the manipulation is definitely the scary part...

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. Just think how many people are out there manipulating. :(


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