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E: Enough (2002)

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for sharing in my A-to-Z Challenge this month, focusing on "Child Abuse Prevention" and "Sexual Assault Awareness"! Today E is for Enough, the 2002 thriller starring Jennifer Lopez as an abused wife.
Although the film was negatively reviewed by the film critics, it has an important message that men and women should heed.  According to Lopez, the story's message is:
"[If] you're in these negative situations, negative relationships, whatever, you can get out. The power to get out of those things is always within yourself. That's the message of the movie." (MTV News, 2002)
And yes, there are plenty of other movies about abusive husbands and the women who escape (eg. Sleeping With the Enemy), it is a message we should never become immune to.

And while it might not be very original in material and does not hold a candle compared to Julia Roberts' electrifying performance in Sleeping with the Enemy (my personal all-time favourite movie of this genre), it is a tour-De-force by Jennifer Lopez who seems to give it her all. So if you are looking for an action movie that screams female empowerment this would make for a great movie night!

Disclaimer: I am not nor do I believe the movie is endorsing people taking the law into their own hands.

What is your favourite female empowerment movie?


  1. Great use of the E prompt! Mine would be a different Julia Roberts film - Erin Brockovich. 'Its my time away from my kids. If that's not personal I don't know what is!' Julia just aces it totally. Rocks in all her films, but this one is special.

    And have I told you that I am in awe of your theme? I think I have, but just in case I haven't...bears repeating anyways. Hope your posts are getting the exposure they deserve.

    Best always,

    1. Erin Brockovich is one film I have never seen yet and definitely want to! Thanks.

  2. I haven't seen either movie you mentioned here, but will check them out sometime down the road. I'm having trouble coming up with a female empowerment movie; somehow I don't end up seeing lots of movies unless they are action packed ones that hubby likes :)


  3. My favorite is about a totally different kind of empowerment, about self-acceptance and sisterhood among's Practical Magic! I adore that movie, I could watch it over and over again. Of course my choice would have a fantastical element :)

    1. Love Nicole Kidman and Stockard Channing in that film!

  4. I really loved how she Empowered herself in this movie. It was scary and nerve wracking, yet it leave us feeling stronger. Good choice!

    #AtoZChallenge- F is for Free Advice

  5. I have a difficult time watching these types of movies - can you say trigger? ugh! - but I am glad they are made, and hopefully open the dialogue about domestic violence and abuse.

    My favorite female empowerment movie is actually "Suckerpunch". There's a lot of negative comments about it being just a movie with eye-candy for men, which is true to some extent, but in the end, it's a story about girls helping each other and sacrificing for each other. And kicking butt. :)

    @dSavannahCreate from
    #AtoZChallenge2016 theme: dSavannah Defects

    1. Never heard of Suckerpunch; Will have to check it out! Thanks

  6. I haven't seen this one, but now I am curious...
    As for empowerment, I will probably get dogpiled for this, but I did like Sucker Punch. To me, it talked about abuse and inner strength, even with the weird anime costumes...

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. Another recommendation for Suckerpunch! Must be amazing :D


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