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a2z Health: Massage Review

Looking for a massage? If you're in the Ventura County you might have heard about a2z Health (a massage therapy school) in Thousand Oaks. For a discounted price you can get a student Swedish Massage. But is it worth it?

The Joyous Living would suggest that the answer is a resounding NO. Yes, the prices are better ($18 for a 30 minute Student Massage vs. $28 for a 30 minute Certified Massage Therapist). However, the quality suffers. These are students learning the trade and unfortunately it becomes a sales spiel so your quality restful time is disturbed and not at all restful. No fun and definitely not what you sign up for when you pay for a massage. Usually (at least for me) you want to relax, close your eyes and allow yourself to drift off when having a great and stimulating massage. However, with a student drilling you with their sales spiel and asking countless personal questions as if we're here for a chat, that is not going to happen. So annoying and disappointing.

The reason I am writing this review is because on 20 March I heard back from a Ben Drillings and Lilah who wrote:
Here's what's we are going to do next. I'm going to take the time to review your feedback with our staff and then do our best to resolve the problem so:

1. It doesn't happen again
2. We improve serving you in the future

We will do our best to follow up with you on this issue.
I have tried to reach back out to Mr. Dillings several times since the 20th and no answer, no reply, nothing. And I keep getting emails from a2z Health inviting me back and I keep replying to Ben and Lilah saying that I have no interest and to take me off their mailing address. No reply, no answer, nothing. Finally today I received an offer for a birthday discount. Seriously! So frustrating. I finally decided to write this post to express my frustration and disappointment with a2Z Health. They are 100% concerned with themselves and making a buck. Nothing about customer service. So please do yourself a favor and DO NOT use their services!

EDITED: I received a phone call from assistant manager Rachel this afternoon after the a2z health web team saw my review. She has expressed her apologies on behalf of Ben and Lilah and has offered me a comped massage with a certified therapist. I will be reviewing this second massage and the company's customer service later.