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Bobby Flay Does it Again: Brunch at Bobby's!

Culinary and celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, released a new cookbook last September. And what a beautiful book it is with numerous colorful and scrumptious photographs accompanying the 140 recipes ranging from breads/pastries, breakfast drinks (coffees/teas/cocktails), homemade syrups/spreads, egg dishes, pancakes/waffles/french toast, sandwiches, fruit dishes and savory side dishes.

  • The recipes are neither low-carb nor low-calorie but when does anyone ever count calories during brunch?
  • Bobby Flay's interest in spices (i.e. chipotle and chiles) is featured in a handful of the recipes as are some exotic ingredients that won't be easily acquired in your local Albertsons or Trader Joe's.
  • Recipes are not easy for beginners in the kitchen.

Enjoy! And Happy Brunch!
Disclaimer: I received my copy for review purposes but all opinions are my own.