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Say Hello to Sparklepop

If you were watching today's The Fab Life Show, you would have heard about the beautiful jewelry finds that Mr. Joe Zee discovered at sparklepop (an online retailer that sells "beautiful jewelry that adds glamour and makes a look pop shouldn’t break the bank. All of our jewelry is made to last with a solid feel and weight comparable to other luxury brands at a fraction of the price. Our pieces are made from quality materials like crystal, 24K plated gold, and our zinc alloy metal blends are nickel & lead compliant.") And luckily for me, I was one of the audience members who received a complimentary $40 coupon. Very generous! Thank you Fab Life Show and Sparklepop.

So what were my options? So many to choose from that it has literally taken me several visits to this well crafted website before I made up my mind. They offer everything from a "surprise box" for $29.95 that features 3 choice items (necklace, earrings and a bracelet) curated just for you without the need to sign up for a year round subscription to the individual items (with necklaces from $16.80 to $50). Not too bad.

I was really considering the "surprise box" but there are no returns and you really never know what you are going to get. While I loved probably 70% of the items they have for sale, I would likely be the one who ended up with 3 items from the 30% I did not like, haha. So I steered clear and decided to buy two gorgeous statement pieces that popped with color and conveyed a timelessness that I loved about them perfect for pairing with jeans and a t-shirt or a night on the town (I hope).
Astaire Earrings (c) sparklepop

First up, I chose the Astaire Drop Earrings in Emerald Green for $16.00. These earrings look like something you'd see Lady Mary from Downtown Abbey wearing.

Fingers crossed that they look as amazing in person as they do in the photograph.

Isadora Necklace. (c) sparklepop
Secondly, I picked out the Isadora Necklace for $28.00 (on sale). this necklace kept drawing me back each time I clicked on the website. The description says that it is handmade, gold plated and one of sparklepop's favorites. Doesn't it look like seven angels in pink?

Interestingly, these were two of the few items that had detailed descriptions listed on the website whereas other items were blank with no information available.

FYI - if you tend to prefer silver like I do, you will find it difficult to find many pieces that do not have at least some gold coloring.

I am excited to get my new pieces of jewelry in the post soon (free shipping in the U.S.) and will give a detailed review once I do. Until then, enjoy shopping ladies and thanks again Mr. Joe Zee (& Fab Life Show) for the recommendation and coupon! And gentlemen, perhaps this might be the perfect spot to find something unique and fun for your lady for Valentine's Day?

Disclaimer: I received a $40 coupon from The Fab Life Show that went towards my sale but all opinions and purchases are my own.