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Dot&Dot: Not Impressed

Travel season is fast approaching and dozens of brands are fighting for your attention and hoping you'll purchase their latest product. One of those brands, Dot&Dot, has a packing cube that is advertised to "maximize luggage space" and is "not just for clothes (also make the perfect travel tote for makeup and beauty products, cosmetic bottles, toiletry kits, pantyhose, delicates, small purses, and even camera accessories)".
So what did I think?
The Joyous Living Verdict:
Not impressed... Dot&Dot's packing cubes are intended for travel and to be used in your luggage. Unfortunately the cubes are so light that they will easily be crushed - especially if used for cosmetics (as recommended on Amazon) or something fragile. Better to just use the suitcase belts and zippered sections.

Maybe if you used this cube for storage, it would make more sense although the lack of support again comes into question. I just don't see any reason we would need to spend $14 on a packing cube.

Also, I don't like how the company seems to be encouraging five star ratings on their Amazon page -- it comes off as shady and when there are so many other options out there why waste time with Dot&Dot?

Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes but all opinions are my own.