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New Years: Let's Get in Shape!

O man! It's already New Years Eve and I am so not mentally ready. Are you? So what are your exciting new resolutions that you plan to carry through all 366 days of 2016? My #1 is to attain 100% healing with my chronic fatigue and finish my dissertation/MA -- 2 years later, but hey who's counting?  My doctor prescribes an eating regiment, herbs and supplements and of course some exercise (oddly he is most interested in my upper body strength so has my becoming bffs with my bright orange kettle bell, lol). So why not add a shiny red jump rope to the mix?
For anyone interested in trying out a jump rope this new year, might I suggest EverlastingFit's latest offering? They make a jump rope of thin cable (10 feet) -- unlike the thick braided ropes we played with in the school yard -- that does not get easily tangled and comes with a travel pouch perfect for toting it to/from the gym or park or wherever you might like to workout. Also, it can be adjusted to size so that anyone from a kid to an NBA basketball player can use the same jump rope if they wished to.
Even better, it is currently on SALE for $9.96! I cannot personally see myself forking over $20 (regular Amazon price) for a jump rope but with a savings of 67% perhaps you could be tempted? Personally, the jump rope isn't keen on me and makes my fatigue worse not better so I have gifted it to someone who promises to make good use of it.  However, if you are tempted check out their page on Amazon while it is still on sale and just now that they promise:
"BETTER THAN MONEY BACK WARRANTY EVER - Here In EVERLASTINGFIT We Are Interested In Your Entire Satisfaction - If You Receive A Product That Is Not Ok For You In Any Ways, Please Let Us Know And We Will Send You A New One, No Question Ask, And You Do Not Even Have To Return The Product - You are our Number 1 Priority - Your Happiness is our Satisfaction."
So what do you have to lose? Happy New Years and let's feel good about our bodies and health! :)
*Disclaimer: I received this item free for review purposes but all opinions are my own.