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Gift Guide: Doodle Your Way to Happiness

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. Do you or someone you know/love have an inner artist just waiting to burst out and make a splash? Look no further then Christopher Hart's fun and teachable new book Doodletopia: Cartoons!

This paperback book (currently $15 on Barnes & Noble) is 160 pages chalk full of instructions, demonstrations and exercises for you to embrace your inner artist and become the cartoonist you always knew you could be. Or at least will bring much laughter and happiness as you explore your creative side.

Christopher's directions are well-written and easy to follow and the ten chapters that range from "warm-up" to "choose and design the animals" to "complete the cartoons" will suit anyone of any age who has an interest in doing more than doodling on a legal pad during that tedious office meeting (did I say that? LOL) and what better gift because you know everyone will be wanting to try their hand at a doodletopia at your next holiday party.

Price: $15 (Barnes & Noble)
Where to Buy: In stores or on-line at Amazon
Who is this for: Anyone who loves to doodle
Disclaimer: I received this book for review purposes from Random House but all opinions are my own.