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Finally! Time for a Cuppa!

Yippee! It's the 2nd of November and FINALLY the autumn weather has finally arrived and I can pull out the teapot and enjoy a nice and relaxing cuppa. Thankfully, I have had the chance to try out a tea sampler from Enjoying Tea this weekend that makes a heavenly cuppa.
Enjoying Tea offers 20 tea samplers and numerous individual teas - including loose leaf, tea bags and instant tea. In the Tea Sampler that I received, there are six tins of loose leaf tea including:
Each sample of loose leaf tea comes in an individual tin sealed with one slim piece of tape. Thankfully, I found that each tin survived being transported without any messes.

Thankfully, Enjoying Tea has supplied a card in the tea sampler listing the exact brewing specifications for each type of tea.  I found that the recommendations worked perfectly.

The teas are smooth, flavorful and of a good quality (7.5 of 10). I believe that these teas would make for an excellent gift for tea lovers this holiday season. Additionally, Enjoying Tea offers a wide assortment of beautiful tea sets, tea cups and accessories that would make fabulous gifts for a house warming or holiday gift.
Interested in trying out some tea? I am thankful to Enjoying tea to be able to share with you a 10% discount code (tmpr15a).  My favorites so far are the Apple Spice Black Tea (perfect for the autumn/winter months with a splash of Almond Milk) and the Chun Mee Green Tea that is not too grassy or bitter in flavor.

Enjoy! And thanks to Enjoying Tea for the sampler.
Disclaimer: I received the sampler for review purposes but all photos and opinions are my own.