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Gift Guide: Doodle Your Way to Happiness

25 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Eve. Do you or someone you know/love have an inner artist just waiting to burst out and make a splash? Look no further then Christopher Hart's fun and teachable new book Doodletopia: Cartoons!

This paperback book (currently $15 on Barnes & Noble) is 160 pages chalk full of instructions, demonstrations and exercises for you to embrace your inner artist and become the cartoonist you always knew you could be. Or at least will bring much laughter and happiness as you explore your creative side.

Christopher's directions are well-written and easy to follow and the ten chapters that range from "warm-up" to "choose and design the animals" to "complete the cartoons" will suit anyone of any age who has an interest in doing more than doodling on a legal pad during that tedious office meeting (did I say that? LOL) and what better gift because you know everyone will be wanting to try their hand at a doodletopia at your next holiday party.

Price: $15 (Barnes & Noble)
Where to Buy: In stores or on-line at Amazon
Who is this for: Anyone who loves to doodle
Disclaimer: I received this book for review purposes from Random House but all opinions are my own.

ELF is Must See Family Entertainment

20 November 2015

Buddy the Elf and the cast of Elf the Musical are dancing through Thousand Oaks this weekend (19-22 November 2015) this holiday season. And what a fun and entertaining outing for all ages to help get you in the holiday season!

The Addams Family Continues to Entertain

19 November 2015

The Addams Family continues to entertain at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center (running through 6 December 2015).  The witty and corny musical by Andrew Lippa wins a hearty applause mainly because of the nostalgia that starts from the moment the orchestra plays The Addams Family Theme.

Gift Guide: FuzzyGreen Beret

17 November 2015

Happy Tuesday, fashionistas! Do you love a good hat? I probably have you beat with my hat collection that sadly I don't wear nearly enough of. So thanks to FuzzyGreen, I was able to try out their vintage wool beret w/ an adorable feather embellishment.

So how did it measure up?

Autumn: Purse Check

16 November 2015

Afternoon, lovelies! What's in your purse this autumn season?

I thought since it was a breezy Monday I would
give you a peak at some of my cannot live without products (okay maybe I could live without but you know what I mean ;))

Gift Guide: Let's Party!

15 November 2015

Happy Sunday! Time for another gift guide suggestion. Most gifts I have suggested thus far have been for you to give your friends and family and co-workers. But what about yourself? What about those little niceties you need around the house? Well, today is your lucky day because I have found a lovely and INEXPENSIVE stainless steel bar set perfect for your next BBQ or party.

Gift Guide: Bamboo Baby Washcloth

13 November 2015

Hi loves! 24 days until Hanukkah and 42 days until Christmas -- so soon! I am excited to present my latest gift guide suggestion: Estilo's Bamboo Baby Washcloths. This might not be the first thing you think of when buying a gift this season but can be a fabulous choice for: a baby, college student, a hypoallergenic friend/family member, or someone who wants to be eco-friendly.

WayGood Tea: Detoxifying?

04 November 2015

Good afternoon! It's been almost a year since I first got sick last year. Man, time flies, and thankfully things are looking up. But this year has definitely taught me to be more careful and conscientious about what I put into my body, etc. I love tea and the doctors keep saying I need to go off caffeinated teas. And anything that is supposed to help with increased energy, better focus or improved mood will definitely catch my eye so I was thrilled to try a sample of WayGood Tea's Lemon Jasmine Cleanse tea that is promoted as helpful for rejuvenation.

Gift Guide: Travel Jewelry Organiser

03 November 2015

The holidays are fast approaching so time for  -- the 2015 gift guide!

And today I am thrilled to present the fourth recommendation, Soloportis' Travel Jewelry Organiser Roll Up in Black Velvet. This jewelry roll up case is the perfect size and has just the right amount of compartments for travel! And how can you resist the feel of velvet? So pull a cuppa and keep reading as I share why you should consider gifting Solportis' Travel Jewelry Organiser Roll Up in Black Velvet to a special lady in your life this upcoming holiday season.

Finally! Time for a Cuppa!

02 November 2015

Yippee! It's the 2nd of November and FINALLY the autumn weather has finally arrived and I can pull out the teapot and enjoy a nice and relaxing cuppa. Thankfully, I have had the chance to try out a tea sampler from Enjoying Tea this weekend that makes a heavenly cuppa.

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