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RFID Card Protectors

Hi guys! Isn't it amazing how easy it is for thieves to collect our personal information? We're being told daily about different sneaky mechanisms being used to hijack our credit card details whether it be the waitress who swipes our card or the person trash diving who finds your discarded credit card statements or cheques. I am still amazed that America has not jumped on the bandwagon joining Europe in having more secure credit card readers -- especially at restaurants. My heart must jump every time the waiter or waitress takes our credit card out of sight at the end of our meal. Eeek!

All that to say that when I heard about the chance to test out SefCard's credit card protector sleeves, I jumped at the chance. It is a great concept but unfortunately my review is more about the negatives versus the positives. Let me see if I can sum up my experience for you:
  • The designs are cute and help keep your credit cards straight without having to look in each sleeve for your Visa or Mastercard.
  • Without having any way of testing the RFID mechanisms, I can only go off what the company says and that is that "our efficient credit card sleeves employ a new and efficient multilayer technology that blocks RFID signals, thus ensuring that pickpockets will never steal your credit card data".
  • The card sleeves are "thin and durable". However, where I ran into troubles was with my credit cards that use chip technology. The chip made the card difficult to get in and out of the sleeve. After one day fooling around with it, I ended up giving up. :o
  • Lastly, the credit cards (inside the sleeves) were so snug that they couldn't easily get into my COACH wallet so I had to carry the sleeves in the cash portion of the wallet --- making it useless, in my experience.

I love the technology and the idea of keeping our information secure but there are just too many issues with the reliability of the sleeves that I find it hard to recommend. Be safe and if you find one that works, please share!

Disclaimer: I received my card protectors for review purposes but all opinions are my own.