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The Phantom of the Opera: Phan Faves

In honour of last night's opening night of the new touring production of The Phantom of the Opera, here are my favorite performers of all time:
Brad Little & Lisa Vroman. Photo by: Joan Marcus.
The Phantom
1. Ron Bohmer - my first Phantom and what a voice!
2. Brad Little - my second Phantom and what a powerful presence!
3. Ramin Karimloo - 25th anniversary Phantom (DVD) with the best "Point of No Return".
4. Tim Martin Gleason - I had originally seen him as Raoul (opposite Brad Little) and found his Phantom to be the darkest portrayal yet.
5. Chris Mann - his money notes were strong and spot on but no scene/number in particular captivated me.
Sean MacLaughlin (LA, 2010)
1. Victor Wallace - my first Raoul (u/s) and was everything I imagined - strong, gorgeous and voice like butter.
2. Sean MacLaughlin - he was the epitome of hero and his voice was so rich, strong and deep and stole the show from Tim Martin Gleason's Phantom. #TeamRaoul
3. Hadley Fraser - 25th anniversary (DVD); loved his "Why Have You Brought Me Here?"
4. Tim Martin Gleason
5. Storm Lineberger
Sierra Boggess as Christine.
1. Lisa Vroman - that voice! best "Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh"
2. Sandra Joseph - that spunkiness during Don Juan; and chemistry with future-husband Ron Bohmer was amazing.
3. Sierra Boggess - 25th anniversary (DVD); loved her farewell to the Phantom
4. Trista Maldovan
5. Katie Travis

Who are your PHAN favorites?