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Say YES to HUIT Bras

Hi Lovelies!
Remember my glowing review of the gorgeous HUIT sweet mermaid bathing suit? Well now it's time to introduce you all to my new favourite bra. Seriously - I am more and more impressed with HUIT each time! At the SS15 preview in London, I remember finding this tree of lingerie by the Parisian designer to be quite tempting and alluring. I knew I had to try on that gorgeous Arpege Ivy Padded Air Bra (link) and guess what? It fits and feels and looks just as wonderful as I had hoped.

According to its chic and easy to navigate website, Huit
Established in France in 1968, Huit was designed to express personality through unique fashion forward designs. Originally, the name Huit was chosen because of the “8” figure - put in a horizontal position, it represents the sign of infinity and symbolises the shape of a woman’s breasts. Desired for its contemporary and innovative designs and avant-garde nature... Huit’s French flare and Parisian style is captured through luxurious fabrics, exotic colours and intricate detailing across their lingerie and swimwear collections.
What I love most about the brand are the big Cs:
  • Using stunning colours, such as the ivy of the SS15 Arpege bra, the bras stand out.
  • Thanks to the coverage of the padded air bra, you have no fears of accidental slippage.
  • Because of the support, you feel secure and free to enjoy your day and evening without needing to make a quick trip to the loo for adjustments.
  • As for comfort -- I could easily see myself sleeping in this bra it is soooooo unassuming.
  • And yay for just the right amount of cleavage enhancement. I don't feel flat like a pancake nor do I come across like I am trying too hard.
Ladies, I can honestly give two big thumbs up to the HUIT Arpege Ivy Padded Air Bra! Find more essentials and details about the line here. And when you are ready to buy your own HUIT lingerie, go no further than:
London: Phoebe Carlyle OR Tallulah 

Disclaimer: I was gifted my HUIT lingerie for review purposes but all opinions are my own. Enjoy!