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Melatonin: Need a Good Night's Sleep?

Do you ever suffer from a difficulty falling to sleep? I never thought that would be me but after coming down with post-viral fatigue, I have come to appreciate the need for sleep despite restless nights. When I first could not sleep through the night, my GP gave me a prescription for a sleeping medication but I prefer homeopathic and natural alternatives so I was thrilled to learn about melatonin - an all natural sleep aid.
Melatonin - in the U.S. is available on the counter in your local drugstore or on Amazon whilst it is available only by prescription in the U.K. - is an all natural sleep aid that will help you "fall asleep faster, stay asleep, get deep restful sleep, and wake up in the morning refreshed and not groggy". Advanta Supplements has a great Melatonin that is currently on sale for $8.49 11.99 (usually $15.99) that had me dozing off within a half hour and being able to sleep well throughout the night.

If you are looking for a natural/homeopathic alternative, I would heartily recommend looking into Melatonin. Advanta Supplements' Melatonin is the #97 best-selling sleeping aid on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I was given mine free from Tomoson for reviewing purposes.
However, all opinions are my own.