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Beauty Tip: Miracle Nail Oil

Nails - meet your miracle oil!
My nails and I are fans and after hearing what I have to say, you will be too! Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and let's chat about this fabulous product...

Do you suffer from nail polish clumping and/or not spreading evenly and smoothly over you nails? That is unfortunately one of the problems I suffer from so you can imagine the jealousy I felt when I went in for a pedicure at VIP Nails & Beauty where they used my nail polish and the result was beautiful and looked effortless. So I saw they used oil on my cuticles and nails before applying the nail polish and when I heard about Renewalize Jojoba Oil I had to give it a try. 
For $14.95 on Amazon, you get a huge 4 oz. bottle of oil and a glass eye dropper. You can use the USDA organic oil for your hair, skin, and nails. I have so far only used it for my nails and boy can I tell you -- it is a miracle oil!
 Rub some oil into your cuticles and on your nails before applying nail polish and baam! there is an instant refreshing feel and the nail polish goes on smoothly and elegantly. It's so easy and simple! If you like giving yourself mani and pedis at home, this is the product for you.
Disclaimer: I was gifted this product from Tomoson and Renwalize but all opinions are my own.