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Review: Radha Beauty's Clearing Serum

Hello beauties!
Don't we all want perfect, blemish-free and long lasting skin that is camera-ready? Recently I took the chance to try out Radha Beauty's professional age-defying Skin Clearing serum.
Radha Beauty prides themselves on their natural, organic and pure skincare line. The products are cruelty free and NOT tested on animals. Their packaging is eco-friendly and Radha Beauty insists that their serum is gentle on the skin. Here is where I beg to differ...

The first day, immediately after cleaning my face I applied a small pump of the serum and felt a stinging reaction (!) and noticed a powerful smell (made me think of sunscreen lotion). Hmm, giving the serum a second try and a third, fourth and fifth try, I still found myself repelled by the pungent smell and the continued experiencing the initial stinging reaction (lasts for about 5 minutes after application). Radha Beauty claims to be gentle on the skin and "won't irritate or burn your skin" but I beg to differ. I have sensitive skin but have used other serums without any irritation.

Is the irritation and smell worth the price and end result?
I do not suffer from acne but I did have a small pimple (yuck) when I first received the serum. Radha Beauty claims that their serum is great for "acne and blemished skin" and I did not see any noticeable difference in the time it took for the pimple to go away.

At $21.89 on Amazon (original price: $59.99) the serum is a bit pricey and without noticeable results, I am cautious to recommend a purchase. HOWEVER, Radha Beauty DOES offer a lifetime money back guarantee! That is not a bad deal so if you are hesitant and looking for a new age-defying, organic, and skin clearing serum, it could be worth your time.

Where to buy:
Amazon ($21.89)
Radha Beauty's official Website ($25.89)
Disclaimer: I received this product thanks to BrandBacker and Radha Beauty in exchange for an honest review.