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eHarmony: Why So Shady?

 Online dating is popular with dozens of matchmaking websites eager to take your money and try to introduce you to the right someone. I have had friends and family who have all found success online so I am not knocking the institute! However, on a lark I decided to sign up for eHarmony and went through their tediously long questionnaire that kept freezing on me (grr) all to find out that I had wasted a good half an hour! I felt ripped off and wanted compensation for the wasted hour, lol, but what really bothers me is the sneakiness and shadiness of their company and website. 
Not until I had actually finished the questionnaire and profile did I get a chance to see the membership fees! Big annoyance - it is so very important for a consumer to see the dollar signs up front first thing so they know what they are getting into. Also, there is no such thing as a free trial period like other dating sites offer. And what constitutes a free membership is seeing your matches (sans the photograph) without being able to communicate with your matches.
Then comes the scarrrrrry dollar signs!
$59.99 (!!!!!) for a 1 month subscription!!!! Again, I repeat $59.99 for a ONE MONTH subscription!!!
Of course you can also sign up for longer subscriptions (6 months @ $39.95 per month; 9 months @ $18.95 per month and 1 year @ $9.95 per month) but what if you are skeptical and not sure if eHarmony is the company for you, are you supposed to fork out this large amount of money "in hopes of" without any guarantee? Yeah right! I actually did try eHarmony many moons ago with a 6 month membership I had been gifted and guess what I had ZERO dates that time around. All that money wasted so no there is no guarantee that you'll meet Mr. or Mrs. Right or that you'll even go on a date but you're expected to fork out these outrageous prices.
Very disappointing...  So before you decide to give one of these dating sites a try, be sure to read the fine print and find their subscription prices.
Disclaimer: this review is NOT associate with eHarmony or any other dating site.