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The Swimsuit of the Season!

29 May 2015

Remember that gorgeously chic "Sweet Mermaid" 1-piece bathing suit I was gaga over last October?
Now that it is officially bbq season with less than a month until summer begins, I was thrilled to get to try out HUIT's "Sweet Mermaid" Noir bathing suit. And boy did I love it.

Benefits of Omega-3!

 Since getting ill in November, I have been educating myself on supplements and homeopathic medicine. Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil are quite the popular thing but if you are like me and oblivious to their benefits, pull up a chair and let's chat...

Meet My Tresses New Best Friend!

28 May 2015

Not Your Mother's Brand has come up with their own Déjà Vu 'Do Style Extender and I am a fan! The product works as both a style extender and primer for your enviable locks.

Recipe: More-is-More S'Mores (Disney's Inside Out)

27 May 2015

Ever since Monsters, Inc. I have been a fan of Disney and Pixar's collaborations. The characters are ultra loveable and the animation is top notch. So when I heard that the newest Disney Pixar film, Inside Out, featured a blue haired protagonist named JOY (voiced by Amy Poehler) I couldn't help but grin. And would you believe it -- Joy's signature recipe (part of a 5-pt. family fun recipe pack) are "More-is-More S'Mores"! Looks sinfully delicious and perfect for the bbq season so I knew I had to share with y'all.

Product Review/Giveaway: LeliaSea's Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream

26 May 2015

 Do you suffer from dry hands? LeliaSea has the ultimate answer! Their Dead Sea mineral hand cream (that is found in the Las Vegas Venetian resort rooms) provides immediate results and my hands feel amazing! Do most hand creams you use tend to be on the oily and greasy side? Or have you had to use an excessive amount just to get results? And what about those times we've had to constantly reapply a lotion (e.g. after washing up)?

Tomorrowland is Here!

22 May 2015

Happy news. Disney's Tomorrowland has launched in cinemas and promises to top box office charts for the weekend! It is certainly the first film I have been eager to see this year...

Product Review: Adeline's Organic Eye Serum

20 May 2015

Adeline offers an organic eye serum that comes in at #20 on Amazon's best selling list for eye serums. Not half bad!

D23: Fanniversary

19 May 2015

D23 has announced this week that the 60th anniversary of the beloved animated film, Lady and the Tramp, will be the biggest anniversary celebration yet and it is coming to families via the D23 website starting on the 29th of May 2015 (T-minus 10 days)!

Loving it! Dead Sea Mud Mask

16 May 2015

What doesn't help to boost your spirits like clean and happy skin? I've been fortunate (knock on wood) to have very clear skin since childhood aside from those dreadful pores that like to clog up no matter how often or how well I clean my skin. That's why when I heard about Adovia Mineral's Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask I knew I had to give it a try.

Book Review: Infuse

08 May 2015

Infusion drinks are quite the it thing. I have seen numerous infusion mixers and water bottles for sale. So when I heard about this upcoming new cookbook/mixology book from Eric Prum and Josh Williams, I knew I had to check it out. Keep reading to see what I found out...

A.D. The Bible Continues (Book Tie-In)

05 May 2015

As anyone who has followed my Twitter and read my previous post about A.D. The Bible Continues knows I am a fan of the current Biblical television epic happening every Sunday on NBC through Father's Day. The acting, writing, music and etc. are all spot-on incredible.

Review: Radha Beauty's Clearing Serum

Hello beauties!
Don't we all want perfect, blemish-free and long lasting skin that is camera-ready? Recently I took the chance to try out Radha Beauty's professional age-defying Skin Clearing serum.
Radha Beauty prides themselves on their natural, organic and pure skincare line. The products are cruelty free and NOT tested on animals. Their packaging is eco-friendly and Radha Beauty insists that their serum is gentle on the skin. Here is where I beg to differ...

The first day, immediately after cleaning my face I applied a small pump of the serum and felt a stinging reaction (!) and noticed a powerful smell (made me think of sunscreen lotion). Hmm, giving the serum a second try and a third, fourth and fifth try, I still found myself repelled by the pungent smell and the continued experiencing the initial stinging reaction (lasts for about 5 minutes after application). Radha Beauty claims to be gentle on the skin and "won't irritate or burn your skin" but I beg to differ. I have sensitive skin but have used other serums without any irritation.

Is the irritation and smell worth the price and end result?
I do not suffer from acne but I did have a small pimple (yuck) when I first received the serum. Radha Beauty claims that their serum is great for "acne and blemished skin" and I did not see any noticeable difference in the time it took for the pimple to go away.

At $21.89 on Amazon (original price: $59.99) the serum is a bit pricey and without noticeable results, I am cautious to recommend a purchase. HOWEVER, Radha Beauty DOES offer a lifetime money back guarantee! That is not a bad deal so if you are hesitant and looking for a new age-defying, organic, and skin clearing serum, it could be worth your time.

Where to buy:
Amazon ($21.89)
Radha Beauty's official Website ($25.89)
Disclaimer: I received this product thanks to BrandBacker and Radha Beauty in exchange for an honest review.

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