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To Plaid or Not To Plaid?

Plaids are all the rage this year... But where do they fit into my wardrobe? Being more of a girly girl, I have no plaid in my closest but with the Santa Ana winds howling like crazy today, I dug through my mum's closet (shh! lol) and found a comfy plaid shirt from Eddie Bauer (FW10) and decided to give it a try. Can plaid be dressed up? was my query of the day.
Trying to dress up the plaid, I first paired the shirt with an Old Navy charcoal colored skirt, pearl/crystal necklace (custom made by my brother), chunky black faux-leather belt and hoop earrings. My dog, Shadow, seemed to be a big fan of the outfit (or was it her passion for Frisbee? ;))

Deciding to tone down the outfit, I stepped out of the skirt and took of the hoop earrings. I exchanged the skirt for some H&M black leggings, kept my earlobes bare and put on some ankle high boots.
So which outfit did I prefer? The second. While I believe the belt and necklace works well to dress up the plaid, the earrings were just too much and the skirt felt forced. Perhaps it's an outfit I could wear out to sushi (like I did today) or to run errands but no the answer is no plaid is not capable of transforming from day to evening, IMO.
Looking for a similar look for yourself? Check out these two tunics from Eddie Bauer's SS15 collection here ($45-50) and here (on sale - $42-48!).
Have you had experience with plaids? Are you able to dress it up?