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The Selfie Stick: THE Pole

As a fashion/beauty blogger, it is important to be able to take selfie photos and feature beauty and fashion.  I won't lie - my selfie taking talent is pretty lame, lol.  So recently I was given the chance to test out THE Pole from 2Kamp and fell in love with the numerous ways you can use the monopod.
As for packaging, I received THE Pole by mail (c/o Amazon). The monopod was mailed in a padded envelope and the product packaging is wide meaning the product arrives safely and not crunched.
THE Pole comes with a charging cord (requires a USB charger) and can be charged in approximately an hour and is able to hold a charge for several days on end.
THE Pole uses a Bluetooth shutter button. While THE Pole itself says that the Bluetooth network was called The Pole, I found it to instead by called SELFTIMER 03 on my iPhone. It's a minor issue but worth noting.
My favourite part of THE Pole has to do with the ease of taking selfies from multiple angles. It is easy to rotate the thumb screw and ball head allowing to take photos with both my pet, Shadow, and myself and as a fashion blogger - I am able to focus on different portions of the outfit.
Blouse: Express
It's also great that THE Pole allows for uber closeups and distant shots (making it look less like your typical selfie).
Tunic: JLo (from Kohls)
 2Kamp says that THE Pole can also be used with your GO Pro camera. I do not have a GO Pro so cannot comment on that feature but hey if anyone wants to give me a free one, I won't refuse. ;-)
Tunic: Pretty Angel (Zulily) | Sunnies: Armani Exchange
Love supporting family businesses? 2Kamp (who designed THE Pole) is a family business and like many other family businesses, their customer service is excellent (A+). I had troubles with the first monopod I received and Alisa at 2Kamp immediately sent me a second package. How can you argue and complain about that? :)
Negatives/Cautionary Thoughts:
The negatives and cautionary thoughts are few and far between. With my first product I received, it was tough to push the shutter release button on THE Pole and compensated by using my iPhone's timer. When I received the second monopod, it was easier to use the shutter release but it is still not the easiest release ever. I have since tried a second monopod where the Also, the price of THE Pole at $34.99 is pricey and not the cheapest on the market.
 The Specifics:
2Kamp: Website
Where to Buy: Amazon (us)
Price: $34.99
Tunic: Yuki (c/o Top Shop)
So yep, I am thrilled with my THE Pole from 2Kamp and will happily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Bluetooth monopod. Now go to my Instagram and enjoy my other silly selfies and outfits of the day courtesy of THE Pole.
a silly outtake with Shadow :)
Disclaimer: I was graciously gifted THE Pole from 2Kamp in exchange for this honest review. I hope it has been useful and helpful for you, my gorgeous readers!