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Spring Detox: Tea Time with Newport Skinny Tea

Spring is blossoming and who doesn't love this fabulous weather we've been having (at least here in Southern California)? And what phrase is synonymous with spring? None other then beauty detox. That's where Malibu Beach Beauty Tea comes in!
The Malibu Beach Beauty Tea comes loose leaf and the only instruction is to infuse 1 Tablespoon of the loose leaves in boiling water for a total of 14 days. Simple and a perfect way to start your day (and end your day, too). I cannot tell you enough about how wonderful the tea smells - just like your garden! Glorious and quite relaxing and soothing going down.
 I have been fortunate to have good skin (no major breakouts, etc.) so what is great about Newport Skinny Tea's product is the long list of benefits:
- Weight loss
- Detoxification
- Clearing of one's complexion
- Added energy
- Strengthen skin's collagen production
- Eliminate excess water trapped in your tissues and reduce the look of cellulite
14 days later...
Impressive, right? I drank the tea for the past two weeks and in that course of time I noticed added energy, tightening of leg tissue/reduced appearance of cellulite, weight loss, and a lack of bloating around the stomach. All in all, very impressive and encouraging.
Even if all those other benefits hadn't been noticed, i would have to say the taste and smell of the heavenly tea is almost worth the price in of itself... Truly heavenly!
If you too would like to try out the Newport Skinny Tea's latest detoxifying tea, Malibu Beach Beauty Tea, check out their website at:
14 day Supply: $18.50 (+S&H)
21 Day Supply **ON SALE**: $17.50 (+ S&H)
Lots of great inspiration pics on Instagram
Check out their Facebook Page for more information

 Disclaimer: I was graciously given this product from Newport Skinny Tea and Bloggers Required for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. All photographs and opinions are my own and I hope they help you make an informed choice!


  1. Sounds like it is definitely worth trying out. Thanks for sharing your review.

    Lennae xxx


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